Too Spoopy

Too Spoopy


Up to date on Too Late

I’ve been a busy beaver these past months. I released “Too Late,” at the beginning of October, and since… well, let me attempt to go in chronological order.

I attended Rock and Shock this year for the first time as a vendor, selling my chap book alongside Matthew M. Bartlett and Tom Breen, both excellent writers, and more importantly, swell dudes. I can’t think of a better crew to have with me for the first time boothing. Had a lot of fun, sold most of the books I brought, and learned important lessons, like, for one, bring stands for your books. Thanks to Scott Goudsward for loaning the table some.



Then I went on Spooklights, Jonathan Raab’s show, at some point. Which, coincidentally, Bartlett cohosts.

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