Too Spoopy

Too Spoopy


Too Late: Notes on Dust

I’m a huge fan of westerns, despite my lack of familiarity with the genre. Haven’t read a ton of them, though. I’m a Dark Tower dork, and The Gunslinger is probably my favorite thing Stephen King has ever written, so there’s a heavy dose of that in there.

In terms of films, stuff like The Proposition, and The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford, The Quick and The Dead, and Unforgiven come to mind. Just the aesthetic, the color scheme, it’s evocative.


Comics: The Dark Tower comic.

Show influences are stuff like Tales From The Crypt, can’t think of any specific episodes though.

Hank Williams III had a healthy influences on me with this story too. Particularly this song.

Westerns, man.I like them… the way you can have these morality plays with gunfights and settlers all at the same time. It was a natural thing to incorporate some kind of supernatural element in there.

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