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The Most Epic Saga of Our Generation, Mi Burro: Esos Hueos

What I neglected to tell everyone, in the name of keeping my The Woman review in a rather serious tone, was that before the screening of The Woman at the Boston Underground Film Festival last Friday, a certain animated short was shown. This short, known simply as Mi Burro: Esos Hueos, was written and directed by Zach Passero, and tells the tale of a poor..I assume Mexican, child, and his donkey. Hope there’s another short, as the cartoon ends with a cliffhanger.
Again, won’t spoil it for everyone, but it’s funny, and it has me constantly going “mi burro!”, in the closest thing to a high-pitched, small boy voice I can muster.
I haven’t really done any animation reviews, namely because I know dick all about the actual process of creating this style of art. Because animation is art my friends, don’t let the dick jokes fool you. I wish I was more knowledgeable about animation, then I’d be able to tell you what kind of animation this is. I’m not really sure, so I won’t even bother to try and hypothesize. Anyway, here’s a link, to a site with information about the short, with a few brief clips.

Mi Burro: Esos Hueos

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