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The Cabin in the Woods: Enjoyed What I Could See

Obviously super late to the reviewing Cabin in the Woods party. Really, this is just to let you know where I stand on the flick. You will not get any insight you haven’t heard a thousand times already if you read any other horror themed websites, blogs, Facebook status updates, or ramblings from your nearest crackhead into horror films.

Directed by some guy I’ve never heard of…sigh, hold, IMDB…
directed by Drew Goddard and written by Joss Whedon and Goddard, Cabin is the story of some teens who go to a cabin in the woods (hold your gasps) only turns out the whole thing is a set up for something bigger, which is monitored and controlled by some sort of government agency for killing teens.

I enjoyed the film, except for all the parts at the cabin at night. I’ve asked around, and I’m not alone in my perception that all the scenes at the actual cabin at night are lit poorly. I get it is supposed to be late, but it is in such stark contrast to the crisp clear views of the monitoring room, I refuse to believe they couldn’t have lit the cabins scenes better. AVP Requiem all over again.

But, save for the lighting near the middle at the cabin, I enjoyed the Hell out of this bastard. The acting is decent, the concept is cool, and it throws conventions on their ass, which is always enjoyable (unless it’s Leslie Vernon, don’t get me started on Leslie Vernon). It’s quite funny as well.

The score is pretty meh, but it passes. Plus, there is a really weird scene where a chick makes out with a dead, stuffed wolf’s head! So that…happened.

The ending is clearly the best part. But, for all two of you who haven’t seen this yet, I won’t spoil it.

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