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The ADD Horror Fan

I need to write more in my book. Hey, speaking of books, I found the fourth Meg book, Meg; Primal Waters, while I was cleaning out my closet today. That’s a literal cleaning out by the way, not a psychological, metaphorical one. I really love the Meg series, and I also really loved Steve Alten’s book, The LOCH, about the Loch Ness Monster. Loch Ness is in Scotland, and I’m part Scottish. So is Irvine Welsh, who wrote the book I’m reading right now Marabou Stork Nightmares, which is awesome by the way. Speaking of nightmares, I’m thinking about putting Part 2 of That Night My Senior Year up a little later in the week, and that story is based upon a really bad nightmare I had a few months ago. What horror movies did I watch a month ago? I think I’ll go back a month on the blarg, and try to remember. By the way, I’m calling it a blarg from now on.

Ah yes, Necromentia. I love that movie, but for a full day I was convinced it was based on a Clive Barker story, because I read a review of it somewhere that insinuated that it could have been. The article did so with such language, that I was convinced it literally was based on a Barker tale. I have a quote from Clive Barker up this week. I love Clive Barker’s work so damn much. Mister B. Gone, Coldheart Canyon, The Books of Blood, and The Great and Secret Show are all some of my absolute favorite books. He is one of those authors that could write down his grocery list, and I’d buy it. I’d like to buy Inside on Blu Ray, if it is out on Blu ray yet. Is it on on Blu ray? Time to Google this shit.

Nope, not yet. Did a Google search, and then I got lazy and just searched for it on Amazon. I like Amazonian women, I’m not sure why, maybe it’s just because I like a challenge. You know, I’m a big fan of giant monsters too, sea monters or Lovecraftian (is that the same thing?). Don’t let people tell you size doesn’t matter, because I’m pretty sure a hundred foot monster is scarier then a three foot monster. I’m looking at you, Leprechaun. Also looking at you, giant motherfucker from the end of The Mist. Was that supposed to be Cthulhu, by the way? I haven’t read the King story in a while, I should re-read it.

And this has been the first installment of The Add Horror Fan. Tune in next week, when I try to find some adderall, and see if part two will read the same.

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  1. “Iā€™m looking at you, Leprachaun.” HAHAHA!!

  2. Who took that photo of Lillehammer?


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