Too Spoopy

Too Spoopy


The Add Horror Fan: Update it? What do you mean I have to update it?

Tried to throw on a Cannibal Corpse song on my girlfriend’s iTunes. Using her computer lately, because the monitor on me laptop is going the way of… I don’t know, something hard to see. Look I can’t always have a good analogy lined up!

Oh right, but the missus’ (missees?) fucking library is missing all sorts of shit, but still lists it. It’s annoying, but probably not as annoying as when I go to post a vid from Youtube to Facebook and realize she’s still logged in. Hope you like skateboarding videos, lovely!

Been shit updating this lately. It’s been a rollercoaster of lack of attention-span-ness.

So remember that book I constantly talked about? The firstie? Yup, it’s back in the black plastic box I hide it in. Metaphorically. And literally.
I keep an early draft in a black plastic box in my closet. It doesn’t fit under the new bed…

Halfway through editing I realized it’s going to take way more work than I’m willing to throw at the manuscript at this stage in my life. Research into the various states. Research into various forms of painful and brutal deaths. My character kills a lot of people. And I have no idea exactly how the mechanics of the human body would work, if say, somebody was stabbed in the taint. Or, if, say, one was to give a stripper a tracheostomy with a sharpened stripper heel. Not to mention I’m not sturdy enough emotionally to handle all the rape jokes I’d get for releasing an entire book from the perspective of a guy that fucks a veritable multitude of corpses.

Keeping busy. Still writing a fuck-ton of horror comic reviews for Adventures in poor taste! I’m now more of a guest poster on All Things Horror Online. I also occasionally contribute to a site called Forced Viewing.

Started podcasting. Don’t everybody orgasm at once now. I got one for the blarg with the most obnoxiously long and stupid name I could come up with.
Also, I’m a contributor to another horror themed podcast, known as Miskatonic Musings.

Heard back on two stories, and am happy to report The Smell of Rot and Death, and Break Out at Hamper Prison will be available in the coming months. Actually, Break Out will be available to read in the August issue of my favorite web magazine, Surreal Grotesque.

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