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Too Spoopy


The ADD Horror Fan, Life on the…Look, a String!

Dude, ain’t done one o dese in a while. What the hell, I’ll do another one, maybe do some more. Speaking of some more, watched PA 3…well, read review for thoughts. Anyone else getting really tired of sequels and prequels? And remakes, fugedaboutit! I still haven’t seen The Thing remake. Heard it’s decent, but I’ll wait for the dvd.
My parents had no power last week, so we watched a Tales From the Crypt dvd I brought over; I think it was season 4. Before that, I read a story I wrote for this Halloween called The Crunch of Dead Leaves. Yet another story that takes place near Whispering Pines. I’ve practically jumped the shark on them, and I haven’t even written the themed short story collection I’m planning yet! Oy Gavalt!
Meshugana sounds kind of like Meshuggah, that band I don’t listen to. But I do like this radio Disney version of they song I’d never heard before.

I got really bummed out the other day, cuz I figured out the site stat thing counted when I was looking at my site. So, I thought I had more readers than I actually do. But, to the ten of you that read this site, thank you. I’ll be sure to awkwardly not say hi to you, and just stare at you, when I see you in public.
I’m drinking tea. T is the first letter of Texas. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the original, was one of the best independent films ever made. Tobe Hooper, why you no make good films any more?
I’m reading Peaceable Kingdom by Jack Ketchum. What prompted it, was the analysis of the story Gone by Nicole…somethingerother…just follow the fucking link.
Gone, bastiches
Bastiches is a great word. Got it from Lobo comics, not to be confused with Los Lobos, the shitty band.
Speaking of bands, Gwar’s lead guitarist died, which is a bummer. I wonder if it was drugs?
Same thing I wonder about Gary Busey. You think that’s just how he is, or do you think there were a lot of drugs at some point?

I want that man’s life. He makes a living on being a weirdo. How come I don’t get paid to be a professional weirdo? C’est la vie. I always have to google how to spell that. French girls are hot. So is my tea, I’m drinking it. I’m loving it, but it’s not from Mcdonalds. The Mcdonalds near my apartment has road work near it, and I was going to hit it up, but ya know, the road work. So, I went to Wendy’s. I go to get fast food after job interviews, especially shitty ones, which was the one yesterday. I’m going to be stuck at my crappy job forever, probably. Hey, at least I have a blog no one reads to vent on.
I always love that scene in Die Hard, when McClane is in the vent. Or air duct. Whatever the fuck you call it.
Yippie kiyay motherfuckers. I always remember it as yippie ki-yi-yay, but that’s just wrong.
Who wants to see some chicks butt?

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