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The ADD Horror Fan: I’ve Been Away For So Long, It’s a Nice Day to Start Again

I could blame my lack of posts in the last few months on many things. More hours at work, mild depression, a general lack of motivation. A general feeling that no matter what I write about, its already been written about a thousand times all over the internet. But excuses are hollow, and everyone who writes has some form of a life, so ultimately there is no excuse. Lack of drive is something I’ve struggled with, and I won’t lie and say I’m cured here, because that would be bullshit. I’ll make an effort to start updating more, but I make no promises.
You see, Ol’ Spooky goes through cycles. I’ll have the part of my cycle in which I do very little writing for websites, and focus primarily on writing fiction. And then I’ll have a part of the cycle where I get tired of all the rejection emails, and go back to writing primarily for websites, doing only a little fiction. And then there’s the cycle where I think its all bloody hopeless, and who the fuck wants to read my fiction, or my non-fiction, and I just write nothing. That’s been the latest part of the cycle. Yet, there is a fourth part of said writing cycle. This is the part where I decide, fuck it, I’m going to write my ass off, because I feel like I’m wasting my life if I don’t. Its very self-aggrandizing. The attitude is essentially, I must write, the world needs my words! Whatever, it gets me typing again. And its always fun updating the Bloggery. For a while, I thought, no, I need to make this more like a website, and less like a blog. I forgot the whole reason I started this fucker in the first place. As an outlet for me, myself, and I. Where I could post stories (that no one reads, but hey, they’re there if you want ’em) ramble on about nonsense, and just write my black little heart out. I pay for the domain, I might as well get some use out of the bastard!
Its pretty fun to see people still check this blarg out when I don’t post for months.

By the by, its not that I don’t have many, many things to write about. I could write about how my story Casual Sex has held my record number of rejections thus far (3), though I just did, and I don’t think it warrants a whole post.
EDIT-June 24th-Good news, Casual Sex will in fact be published! Deets when available. Back to my regularly scheduled ramble.
Surreal Grotesque
I could review, and discuss my gripes with Prometheus, despite how awesome it looked in IMAX 3D. I still need to write a damn review of The Divide, and I saw that many moons ago.
I just wanted to let all you pretty followers know that I’m still alive, for one thing, though if you follow my Facebook page, you’d know that. You’d see the thousands of Game of Thrones gifs, and all the funny cat gifs, or memes, or whatever the fuck you call them. I’m not always hip with the lingo.
I’ve written a story on bath salts which will more than likely never be read for years. I wrote a story about a man addicted to fast food, but the anthology was already filled by the time I sent it in. I wrote a civil war themed horror story I’ve yet to hear back on, several months ago. I also wrote a story about a gentleman’s club, set at the beginning of the twentieth century. That one was rejected, in a real fun way. I never got any rejection email, I just found out the anthology came out, and noticed I wasn’t in it. Rejection is just a part of the game, but it would have been nice to at least get something letting me know I wasn’t in. The civil war themed, and gentleman’s club themed stories were each for the same press, which shall remain nameless. Matter of fact, I’ve still got a couple of stories that were supposed to come out from said publisher. We shall see if they actually see the light of day.
Needless to say, I don’t have time in my life to wait to hear back on a story I wrote many months ago. So thanks for the credits for my resume, but for now, moving right along.
Hey, got some good news. I’m a contributor (albeit a terrible one, as the lack of output has been across the board) to two websites now. Not Examiner, because they are a waste of time, and want everything to be localized, which I found incredibly obnoxious. If I wanted to write about things locally, I wouldn’t be a veritable hermit, now would I?! Everybody, check out my ramblings on All Things Horror Online, and a site called Adventures in Poor Taste. So far I only have a few articles up, but again, working to rectify this.
I know articles do better if they have a picture, so I’ve posted a picture of Virginia Madsen from Candyman covered in blood. I’m fully aware you will probably just look at the picture, and skim the article. Go ahead, I still got your page view. Suckahs.
Signing off for now.
Spooky Sean

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