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Too Spoopy


The ADD Horror Fan; Did I Even Need a Semicolon There?

In case you didn’t read the post directly below this, I have a traumafession up on Kindertrauma about The Christmas Toy, so that’s awesome. Speaking of Christmas, I have to work Black Friday, and I work in retail, so fuck me sideways. Just stick that shit in crooked, and fuck my fat life to death. If you get the reference, congrats, you’ve listened to music in the 90’s.
The 90’s had some good horror flicks. Stir of Echoes, Candyman, Scream (just the first one) Ravenous. It seems like the current output of horror movies just can’t enthrall me. Mainly because, all of the characters are annoying. I’m looking at you Altitude, how dare you shit on the good name of EC Comics, and Lovecraft alike, with your shitty movie. Speaking of shitty movies, I watched a Fulci flick, A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin, and it was quite bad. You know it’s bad, it’s bad, you know it. really, really bad. If you know that song, congratulations, you have fucking ears. There was a Family Guy where the teens got into ear-fucking, wasn’t there?
I need to pay someone to strap me to a chair and finish my damn book. Lately, I’ve just been procrasturbating and internet surfing like crazy. Anything to avoid doing the thing I initially started the blog to talk about! Sheesh, what a fucking hypocrite I am!
Tune in next week, when I cover myself in oil, and sensually gyrate to Justin Beiber outside your house.

2 Responses to The ADD Horror Fan; Did I Even Need a Semicolon There?

  1. That’s kinda hard to get creative during the year end holidays. Every year the sane shit on TV and the radio, X-mas muzak in stores, etc.
    Not to mention the up-down, push-pull of the shopping days, it’s all a bit of a mindfuck, and the prime time of year for suicides…. Christ on a bike, I need a drink and I’m gonna get one.

  2. Jeebus! didn’t mean to double post but anyway, we love “Ravenous” here. It’s pretty damn funny, the music is unique and suits the tone, and you gotta love the quotes at the very beginning.

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