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  • In Honor of Women in Horror Month 2015: The Authors

    I’ve read a lot of short stories this year, a lot of them for the podcast I do weekly with one, Charles Meyer, and one Mallory O’ Meara, entitled, MISKATONIC MUSINGS.

    So, before I get boggled down with self aggrandizement, on to some of the best stories by women I’ve read this year! They are not ordered by enjoyment, but rather the order in which I remember them. Though, admittedly, I’m putting the more well-known authors at the bottom of this list.

    Livia Llewellyn

    The Mysteries, which I read in Nightmare Carnival, really put me into a strange state with its descriptions. Very other-worldly and ethereal. I loved the crap out of this story.

    Subsequently, I read a story of hers from Nightmare Magazine, entitled It Feels Better Biting Down, which also was imbued with wonderful imagery, and a creepy character. We covered it on this episode right here.
    It Feels Better Biting Down episode of MM

    I can not wait to get to her collection Engines of Desire. I’ve read she gets into erotica territory, which stands to reason, since the title of the collection is as such.

    Nicole Cushing

    Children of No One, Cushing’s first novella, was a look at a blackened maze, in which children were raised. It irked me out. Recently, I listened to a Pseudopod episode of her story The Orchard of Hanging Trees (Psuedopod episode with Nicole’s story here) which, yes, has also irked me out.

    I’m almost done reading her novella, I Am the New God, which is excellent. If you want messed up characters, and a wonderfully dark atmosphere, Nicole seems to be the one to bring it.

    And yes, I did interview her on my solo podcast…

    A.C. Wise

    Again, I read a story of Wise’s in Nightmare Carnival, entitled And the Carnival Leaves Town. Likewise, I recently covered a story of hers Where Dead Men Go to Dream on a relatively recent episode of Miskatonic Musings (linky, linky). She has a dream-like quality to her prose which is cool.

    Gemma Files

    I only read one story by Files, This is Not for You, which you can read here… A wonderful story about women who hunt men for sport. I’d like to read more of her, and I plan to.

    Helen Marshall

    Another author I only read one story of, this one for Miskatonic Musings again, this one called The Mouth, Open (linky, link). The story, about a man who overeats in Croatia, is wonderfully strange, and is just a real gem.

    Joyce Carol Oates

    Dude, Zombie.


    Obviously fear is subjective, but to my mind Zombie is one of the scariest, if not the scariest book ever written. I also read her collection The Corn Maiden and Other Tales, and was summarily annihilated. The title story, about kids who kidnap a classmate and trap her in one rich girl’s basement, is heartbreaking, and terrifying. The darkness of the human heart is something Oates does not shy from. And it’s why her work scares the piss out of me.

    Shirley Jackson

    The Haunting of Hill House is the scariest novel about ghosts I know. We talked about it on this episode of Miskatonic Musings, here (clicky, clicky). It’s a character study, and it’s a classic tale of a haunted manor. And Shirley Jackson is a fucking powerhouse. We Have Always Lived in the Castle, The Lottery: both worth their weight in gold. Jesus can Jackson scare the shit out of you.

  • The ADD Horror Fan: That’s Life

    For some reason the Sinatra song that’s life just popped into my head.

    There’s a lot zooming around in the noggin’, and no linear thought patterns to keep them from assaulting my mouth region.

    I’m moving to a condo soon. It’s an exciting if not exhausting process. Painting the place now, and will be moved in with the lady love by March 1st.

    Been reading John Dies at the End. I started the book after I saw the film a month ago, and loved it. JDATE is great. Talk about like minds. David Wong seems to have the ADD too. I’ll probably go straight from JDATE to This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously Dude Don’t Touch it.

    I read an interview with Wong, and I credit it with getting me back into working on my first book. He talked about not sitting on a book, but getting feedback on the work. Specifically he said to release it on the internet, but an editor I’ve found said not to until its found a home. Been sending it out to friends for feedback though. Let’s face it, for the past few years I’ve also sent it to total strangers. I just think it’s funny.

    I definitely have a deranged sense of humor.

    Even in its early stages I feel like it’s still entertaining, and you get a good sense of the book.

    So I found an editor, and am accumulating the funds right now to have it edited. This of course is so I can release it. I’ve been putting it off for so long. So, expect a release sometime in 2026.

    I’ve developed an unhealthy addiction to the show Supernatural now that it’s on Netflix instant. I used to make fun of the show before I’d watched it. I’d hear them talk about watching it on Dinner For Fiends, and would think, “who would watch that lame ass show?” So color me a hypocrite, I was wrong. It’s amazingly entertaining. Think of a dumbed down X-Files starring ex-soap opera actors who look like male models.

    I plan to start toying with more audio recording stuff in an attempt to record my very first Ruination with my own monotone, mumbly voice! Get pumped! Haven’t decided what to ruin yet.

    I used Skype for the first time the other day. If anyone wants to Skype with me hit me up via personal messaging on Facebook.

    Had a story called In Sickness and in Health published in a web magazine called Surreal Grotesque. They’d already published my story Casual Sex much to my amazement. Casual Sex is easily my most fucked up short story.
    I’ve heard I might have Casual Sex put into a best of collection by the editor of Surr G. Oh Daniel William Gonzales, you’re too good to me. (April 10th, 2013: It was put in the best of Surreal Grotesque! Aliens, Sex & Sociopaths

    Plan to do an article about three scary stories with boxes for Women in Horror Month! Kidding, not that kind of box…the regular kind.

    Speaking of, look for my third In Honor of Women in Horror Month Screwed up Screenshots to be up soon. (March 4th, 2013: So I goofed, and forgot to post one. Look for one next year!) And wait for the drama to follow. I have two female sets of friends both pro and anti Women in Horror Month, so it should be entertaining once it goes live!

    I’m off to listen to the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Just watched the uncensored video for Jubilee Street. Ray Winstone stars in it. Check it out. Later sickos.