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  • The ADD Horror Fan: Release of My First Novel

    Like the shambling undead this series will now be unearthed, to coincide with the release of my first novel. So, understand, writing a novel for someone with ADD is basically akin to climbing a fucking mountain without shoes. I’ve tested out my attention span: for reading, I lose steam 5 to 6 minutes in, and for shows or films, probably every 20 minutes I get bored, give or take. So the no doubt hundreds of hours I spent working on this novel is no small feat, especially when you consider every 15 minutes or so I’d lose steam. And since these do better with pictures, below is a sexy zombie!

    Okay, you idiots still here? Cool. So what the fuck was I- YES, I PUT OUT MY FIRST BOOK, well, am in the process of putting it out. Kindle link below suckahs.

    TH3 D3M0N for Kindle

    So right (it’s called ADD horror fan for a reason) finished a book about demonic possession spread via computer virus. My mom gave my the idea several years back when she told me about this one for the iphone that was going around, and whether it was or wasn’t called this, she said it was known as “The Demon.” Rest is history.

    TH3 D3M0N is book 1 of 3 in The Fires Rise series (working title that will probably stick.) I’m going to refrain from comparing myself to other writers for a change, but it’s the novel is almost certainly inspired by Clive Barker and Stephen King, as well as Jack Ketchum, Laird Barron, Matthew M. Bartlett, and Thomas Ligotti. Yes, I just did a terrible job refraining from mentioning other writers, fucking sue me.

    I’m going to have a separate posts on influences for the book later, but since the point of this article series is to be stream of consciousness, let me tell you what I’m feeling and thinking. Well I’m eating peanut butter cups, and I could lie and say I’m scared, but I’m not. Putting a book out gets progressively less scary. I’m more scared it won’t go anywhere, but hey, I have another job, so whatever. I’m hoping people like the book, sincerely. I think it has merit to it, and I think the scale of it more than anything is where people will be dragged in, and will hopefully bring them back for book 2 in The Fires Rise series (whenever the fuck I get around to doing that).

    We live in a fun age, with a lot of technological and psychosocial advancements, with things like social media and Youtube. But you have to wonder if this new landscape is screwing with people (spoiler alert, it is, I just am too lazy to google research studies). But hey, it allows me to send this post to you without the need of the post office, so hooray.

    Might write a list of gothic horror films later. Not sure. Keepin’ it loosy goosy.
    And I’m out.

  • Too Late: Notes on Jumpin’ Jack

    This one, jeez. Sometimes you write stuff, and don’t really remember what prompts it. With this one, I’d written a story set in Whispering Pines (the haunted woods in my fictional universe, in central Massachusetts) already for the Reddit board No Sleep. I’d written one about aliens which had done well, and this one later, which barely anyone read.

    To begin with, it’s an old black guy. I wanted to write as an old black guy. So I did. That’s probably the King influence again. I’ve always had an affinity for stories about old guys recounting sketchy things from their younger days.

    Recently, I reread Ligotti’s “The Frolic,” and while the only similarity is a child killer, I feel that “Jumpin’ Jack” shares a similar tone, and feel, though it’s less cosmic horror, and more folk horror.

    There is an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention, “The Tale of Watcher’s Woods.” Had an impact on me as a child, and helped get the mythology of Whispering Pines going. Probably some Blair Witch in there, too.

    The Tale of Watcher’s Woods

    Watcher's Woods

  • Five Graphic Novels to Make You Lose Sleep


    Suicide Forest
    is written by El Torres, with art by Gabriel Hernandez. The plot deals with a real forest in Japan, Aokigahara, that is a popular place for suicides. Ghosts and wilderness that makes people want to kill themselves? Sign me up!


    Thomas Ligotti writes absolutely terrifying fiction. For proof of this, we need look no further than Volume 1 and 2 of The Nightmare Factory.
    A variety of authors and artists help to bring some of Ligotti’s heart rate increasing, sanity questioning fiction to life. Stand outs include a story in Volume 1 about mannequins, and a story about gas station carnivals in volume 2. Those two stories in particular really fucked me up.

    3.30 DAYS OF NIGHT (Primarily 1st volume through third volume, and Red Snow)

    If you read horror comics you already know about 30 Days of Night.
    Even if you don’t, you probably have already heard of 30 Days of Night. The one that started it all, volume 1 of 30 Days of Night, was written by Steve Niles (personal favorite) with art by Ben Templesmith (Clearly, I’m obsessed). Red Snow, a later volume that incorporates a Nazi occupation of snow-swept Russia with vampires, was written and drawn by Templesmith, who is like a shot of adrenaline to the arm of horror comics. (Even if he isn’t great with feet…)


    I’ve already written a post about The Extremist, so read this article to get up to speed. At bottom of article… It is creepy, it deals with kinky sex and murder, what the hell more could you ask for, sicko?! Go get

    5.WELCOME TO HOXFORD (I swear Templesmith does not send me checks in the mail…)

    I apologize in advance to Ben Templesmith for talking about him incessantly. I’m really not as creepy and stalkerish as I seem, Ben. It’s just that I love your art, and the things you choose to write about are what get me going. What can I say, the man taps into a primal part of me, that wants to look at panel after panel of fucked up, sharp and angular monsters… and squids. Not to mention everything I’ve read that Templesmith has had a part in the writing process of is funny; imbued with both a razor sharp wit, and the occasional gross out humor. Yet, to simply label Templesmith’s work funny, is to only categorize a small part of it. The majority of it is dark, and brutal; it is the art of your nightmares, and it wants to eat you, while making a snide remark.
    One final personal note; my dream is to one day have a commissioned self portrait piece by Templesmith. I think that this dream isn’t terribly far fetched, so it could happen sometime in the next…ten years. Damnit, i need a real job…
    Oh, and this comic fucking rules. Welcome To Hoxford.