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  • The Walking Dead First Season Finale

    Well, the sixth and final installment in the first season of The Walking Dead aired last night on AMC, and I have the task of telling you, my glorious and sexy readers, how it was. Without giving to much away, I will say that I really enjoyed what the doctor left at the CDC had to show Grimey and the rest, and that the episode was compelling at times.
    However, and I can’t stress this enough, for a show about zombies The Walking Dead is woefully lacking in the walker department. Now, I’ve read the comic, and I know that they often go for a long time without showing zombies in the book. But, this is a show. It obviously doesn’t go exactly as the comic did, and I wouldn’t expect it too, as comics and television are very different mediums. Yet, I allow a lack of zombie in the comic, where as a lack of zombie in the show seems out of place.
    It was exciting, but I couldn’t help feeling that the finale was kind of a The Stand knock off. If you’ve seen the TV mini series Mick Garris did of The Stand, you will obviously see why I think as such.
    So, to reflect on the first season as a whole, I think it was bearable, but could have been much better. Hopefully they get into the swing of things in the second season. Its certainly not a bad show, it just isn’t anything amazing just yet. But, plenty of shows take time to work out the kinks, so I’ll wait and reserve judgement on the show, until we’re into the second season next year.
    On a final note, I’m sure I’m not the first to say this, but I’m sick as fuck of zombies. I’ve never been huge into them in the first place, and I’m even less into them now that they seem to be shoved down our collective throats from every possible angle. I always preferred vampires to zombies, and even now with the bastardization of the vampire that is occuring everywhere, I still prefer them. Its a simple reason, vampires are scarier to me, because they are smarter. Zombies always seemed like a horde of retarded people, only difference being the dead thing. Vampires, on the other hand, are cunning, and often can fly, change shape, or have super strength. Zombies are dead and rotting away, and are stupid.
    Likewise, I get it, people often use zombies as a stand in for humans. I’ve never understood this. Why not just have humans as a stand in for humans. To me, the thought of a crowd of reasoning, alive people is far more terrifying then the thought of dead, dumb as hell shells chasing after me.
    Finally, vampires have a seductive quality, not to be found in zombies. Vampires can pass for humans, where as zombies can not. I prefer to watch hordes of people infected by a disease that makes them crazy, a la 28 Days Later, or the Haters in David Moody’s aptly named book, Hater, and its sequel, Dog Blood.
    Anyway, if you’re a fan of zombies, you should check out The Walking Dead’s first season. Its definitely one of the best, if not the best horror show on television right now. Not that that’s saying a lot.

  • The Walking Dead Episode 5…Kind of Sucked

    This is when its tough to be a reviewer, when you have an episode to cover that doesn’t leave much of an impression. The only interesting aspect in my mind about this, the fifth episode of The Walking Dead, was at the end when in random ass X Files fashion the group arrives at what I assume was the CDC building, and the door opens to a brilliant white flash of light.
    One of the latin families just kind of peaces out at the beginning of the episode, leaving the group primarily white, save for T-Dog, whose name I had to look up to even remember, as it is mentioned so infrequently. In the comic, the relationship between Rick and Tyreese seems very natural. So far, in the show, Rock and “T-Dog” (why didn’t you just name him G-Money, Jesus…) have little to no relationship. To his credit, Dickerson attempts to have T-Dog and Rick interact, but the chemistry just isn’t there. However, Shane is still alive at this point in the show, so I’ll give it a little more time before I start really ranting.
    All in all, this was just… a very forgettable episode, and it shouldn’t have been. Just goes to show that in the hands of a good director, we get amazing episodes like the pilot, and in the hands of the guy who brought us Bones(movie, not the show), we get episode five, a real snooze.

  • The Walking Dead Episode 4, Latinos and the Elderly…Wait, huh?

    Well, the fourth episode of The Walking Dead was interesting. A few Mexican stand offs, a man obsessed with digging holes, and most importantly one doozy of an ending. I don’t really have much to say that probably hasn’t already been said better by way more people. I’ll just finish with, watch it, it was entertaining.

  • The Walking Dead Episode 3, Things Get Complicated

    I really liked this episode, directed by Gwenyth Horder-Payton. I don’t want to spoil it, but it starts strong and ends strong, and we finally get to meet a lot of the main characters. Plus, the episode had Jeffrey DeMunn, and Norman Reedus, two actors I can’t get enough of. Demunn was great in The Mist, and Reedus was great in the Masters of Horror episode, Cigarette Burns.
    Here’s to episode 4!

  • The Walking Dead Episode 2; The Dead Smashed Windows with Rocks, and Climbed Fences

    This one was jammed full of zombies, who did all sorts of stuff. They climbed fences, they ran, they smashed windows. They added some scenarios that weren’t in the comic, that explained how Grimes gets out of Atlanta.
    Not as good as the first episode, but still a noble follow up. Here’s waiting for episode three.

  • The Walking Dead Episode 1; They Walked, They Ran, They Crawled

    The zombies in the first episode of The Walking Dead not only walked, but some in Atlanta ran. It was good though, except for the fact that Rick took his damn time getting clothes! Seriously, isn’t the first priority when you leave somewhere to find some clothes, and shoes. Still, Darabont clearly has respect for the source material, and I have to admit I teared up a little near the end of the episode when Morgan Jones tries to snipe out his wife, who’s zombified, and can’t do it.
    Very fucking excited for the next one.