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  • The Walking Dead First Season Finale

    Well, the sixth and final installment in the first season of The Walking Dead aired last night on AMC, and I have the task of telling you, my glorious and sexy readers, how it was. Without giving to much away, I will say that I really enjoyed what the doctor left at the CDC had to show Grimey and the rest, and that the episode was compelling at times.
    However, and I can’t stress this enough, for a show about zombies The Walking Dead is woefully lacking in the walker department. Now, I’ve read the comic, and I know that they often go for a long time without showing zombies in the book. But, this is a show. It obviously doesn’t go exactly as the comic did, and I wouldn’t expect it too, as comics and television are very different mediums. Yet, I allow a lack of zombie in the comic, where as a lack of zombie in the show seems out of place.
    It was exciting, but I couldn’t help feeling that the finale was kind of a The Stand knock off. If you’ve seen the TV mini series Mick Garris did of The Stand, you will obviously see why I think as such.
    So, to reflect on the first season as a whole, I think it was bearable, but could have been much better. Hopefully they get into the swing of things in the second season. Its certainly not a bad show, it just isn’t anything amazing just yet. But, plenty of shows take time to work out the kinks, so I’ll wait and reserve judgement on the show, until we’re into the second season next year.
    On a final note, I’m sure I’m not the first to say this, but I’m sick as fuck of zombies. I’ve never been huge into them in the first place, and I’m even less into them now that they seem to be shoved down our collective throats from every possible angle. I always preferred vampires to zombies, and even now with the bastardization of the vampire that is occuring everywhere, I still prefer them. Its a simple reason, vampires are scarier to me, because they are smarter. Zombies always seemed like a horde of retarded people, only difference being the dead thing. Vampires, on the other hand, are cunning, and often can fly, change shape, or have super strength. Zombies are dead and rotting away, and are stupid.
    Likewise, I get it, people often use zombies as a stand in for humans. I’ve never understood this. Why not just have humans as a stand in for humans. To me, the thought of a crowd of reasoning, alive people is far more terrifying then the thought of dead, dumb as hell shells chasing after me.
    Finally, vampires have a seductive quality, not to be found in zombies. Vampires can pass for humans, where as zombies can not. I prefer to watch hordes of people infected by a disease that makes them crazy, a la 28 Days Later, or the Haters in David Moody’s aptly named book, Hater, and its sequel, Dog Blood.
    Anyway, if you’re a fan of zombies, you should check out The Walking Dead’s first season. Its definitely one of the best, if not the best horror show on television right now. Not that that’s saying a lot.

  • Horror Comics Run-down, Edge of Doom, The Stand, and The X Files: 30 Days of Night

    In an effort to have an annual thing to do, I’ve decided to try and do a horror comic post, at least once every two weeks. Possibly every week, if I can afford it, but I doubt I’ll be able to afford more then one or two every week, so it may work out to be bi-weekly.
    I’m not great with keeping up with comics, until they are in trade paperback form. So many seperate issues, so much memorization. My extracurricular lifestyle of happy juice and happier plants, often makes it hard for me to remember what number issue I’m on. That being said, I’ll give this my best damn shot, and try to keep up to date.

    First up is issue one of a new series written by Steve Niles and drawn by Kelley Jones entitled Edge of Doom.
    So far, it appears to be about a divorcee who has little demon people in his backyard, like only a few inches high little people. Think Gulliver’s Travels, but instead of tiny people, tiny demons. Promising so far.

    Issue four of The Stand, in the Hardcases arc, has a really creepy cover, as seen above, by Tomm Coker(fun last name) and Laura Martin. This arc in The Stand is written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, with art by Mike Perkins. Being the extreme Stephen King dweeb that I am, I’ve read nearly everything the man has had made into comic format, and so far The Stand series has been great. Hardcases has been my favorite arc so far, because we get to see more of Flagg, and all the other badies that are under his black wings. This issue in particular deals with Harold, and the first comittee formed by the good folks under Mother Abigail. Not for nothing, but I have a hard time with this story, as I’m an agnostic, and I don’t strictly believe in the traditional God. Whatever though, I’ll believe in God for this story, as long as I keep getting more deliciously evil Flagg.

    The X Files: 30 Days of Night issue number 4 for December 2010(because somehow I went forwards in time I guess…)continues the story of the spooky one, and agent scully, as they try to uncover what is happening in the town of Wainwright, Alaska. It’s written by Steve Niles, a favorite of mine in terms of the subject matter he tends to write about, and was also written by Adam Jones, and the art was done by Tom Mandrake. I had to sit down and plow (no pun intended, but I’ll take it) through issues 1 through 3 to get up to date, and they’ve been a fun little ride so far. I recommend it for casual horror comic fans, and die hard X Files and 30 Days of Night fiends, the like.