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  • A Moment of Poignancy in an Otherwise Laughable film

    After I finished Lance Henriksen’s autobiography (review soon to be posted), I found myself ravenous to watch the films Lance discusses going into character for. One of the films he starred in, the 1995 film The Nature of The Beast, intrigued me especially. The story of a serial killer and a casino thief who drive the highways of Southern California together, The Nature of the Beast sounds like it should be amazing. It isn’t, but the film has one scene, where Henriksen and Eric Roberts, sit, play poker and wax poetic, which has a particularly poignant monologue. Roberts character, Adrian, explains to Henriksen’s character, Jack, about the whole within us all, in this monologue.

    It’s why babies scream, Jack. I’ve seen men try to fill it with women, with other men, with the good book, with money, power, and everything you can think of on the planet. And you know what finally separates the men from the boys, Jackie Boy? The wisdom, the knowledge of the ages. That hole! It can’t be filled… Every dark place in us, every rabid fucking impulse we have, is just the nature of the beast.

    Sometimes a crap movie will be worth it for one scene. This is such a scene, and the crap film is The Nature of the Beast. Although there are some fun moments, by and large it plays like a mediocre made for TV movie. Still, if you’re bored, fast forward to the scene where they are playing poker, and check out this monologue. It’s a doozy.