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  • The ADD Horror Fan: Release of My First Novel

    Like the shambling undead this series will now be unearthed, to coincide with the release of my first novel. So, understand, writing a novel for someone with ADD is basically akin to climbing a fucking mountain without shoes. I’ve tested out my attention span: for reading, I lose steam 5 to 6 minutes in, and for shows or films, probably every 20 minutes I get bored, give or take. So the no doubt hundreds of hours I spent working on this novel is no small feat, especially when you consider every 15 minutes or so I’d lose steam. And since these do better with pictures, below is a sexy zombie!

    Okay, you idiots still here? Cool. So what the fuck was I- YES, I PUT OUT MY FIRST BOOK, well, am in the process of putting it out. Kindle link below suckahs.

    TH3 D3M0N for Kindle

    So right (it’s called ADD horror fan for a reason) finished a book about demonic possession spread via computer virus. My mom gave my the idea several years back when she told me about this one for the iphone that was going around, and whether it was or wasn’t called this, she said it was known as “The Demon.” Rest is history.

    TH3 D3M0N is book 1 of 3 in The Fires Rise series (working title that will probably stick.) I’m going to refrain from comparing myself to other writers for a change, but it’s the novel is almost certainly inspired by Clive Barker and Stephen King, as well as Jack Ketchum, Laird Barron, Matthew M. Bartlett, and Thomas Ligotti. Yes, I just did a terrible job refraining from mentioning other writers, fucking sue me.

    I’m going to have a separate posts on influences for the book later, but since the point of this article series is to be stream of consciousness, let me tell you what I’m feeling and thinking. Well I’m eating peanut butter cups, and I could lie and say I’m scared, but I’m not. Putting a book out gets progressively less scary. I’m more scared it won’t go anywhere, but hey, I have another job, so whatever. I’m hoping people like the book, sincerely. I think it has merit to it, and I think the scale of it more than anything is where people will be dragged in, and will hopefully bring them back for book 2 in The Fires Rise series (whenever the fuck I get around to doing that).

    We live in a fun age, with a lot of technological and psychosocial advancements, with things like social media and Youtube. But you have to wonder if this new landscape is screwing with people (spoiler alert, it is, I just am too lazy to google research studies). But hey, it allows me to send this post to you without the need of the post office, so hooray.

    Might write a list of gothic horror films later. Not sure. Keepin’ it loosy goosy.
    And I’m out.

  • Acknowledgements for TH3 D3M0N

    My book (actually books, TOO LATE didn’t have one either, neither did HATE FROM THE SKY) have yet to have an acknowledgements page. Understand, this is less to do with me not thinking others played a great part in my work, and more to do with a terrible memory getting worse by the day.

    But in that spirit, I’d like to, first and foremost, thank Brian O’Connell for believing in my work enough to host it on his site THE CONQUEROR WEIRD. The finished manuscript has been fleshed out, and differs in some ways from its original serialized version, but the spirit is the same, and Brian’s enthusiasm was, and continues to be infectious. So many of us as we age grow bitter and let the spark die, so it’s nice to have a teenager to give me pure unhindered hyperactive joy. Thanks buddy. (Let’s get that novella off the ground soonish, ay?)

    Emily Chew, the love of my life, I’d like to thank her for not murdering me yet. I am not easy to live with, and am harder still to be around when I’m working on a longer project. She joked today I’m a basement dwelling cryptid, which really isn’t that far off, haha. Love you Emily.

    Now many authors inspired TH3 D3M0N, but I keep coming back to Matthew M. Bartlett. For the last few years, he has been ever supportive, and much the same way Emily puts up with my pure unadulterated neurosis, so too has this wonderfully patient, and incredibly talented man. His encouragement has gone a very long way, as well as the help of other great writers like Farah Rose Smith, Gwendolyn Kiste, Tom Breen, Jonathan Raab, John Claude Smith, Alex Smith, and there’s a ton I’m forgetting, and this is exactly why I haven’t done an acknowledgements page yet! I’m sorry if i forgot you!

    Thank you all, and if you’re screen starts strobing red, run like Hell!