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  • The Books of Steve Alten; or, A Sea Monster Nerds Wet Dream

    What can I say about the wonderful books of Steve Alten that deal with aquatic creatures? First and foremost, I shall bring up the similarity of his work to be found in another author’s, who you are probably much more familiar with; Michael Crichton.
    Just as Crichton would include scientifically plausible scenarios to make his fiction terrifying (Jurassic Park being his most well known example of this), so to does Steve Alten. Alten infuses terrifyingly realistic explanations, for his stories of horrifying underwater behemoths.
    In the Meg series, he explains how a megalodon could still be alive, deep in the Mariana Trench.

    In The Loch, he explains in a very plausible way, what kind of animal the infamous Nessie might really be.

    Scarier still, each of the animals he discusses in each book can be found in nature. The only liberties Alten takes are with what said creatures do. Yet, if you were to google the animals in question, you would find that each actually exists. That is the mark of true genius right there; combining real animals with fictional plots, to knock the reader on their collective asses.
    If you have hydrophobia, do not read these books.