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  • Dear Slenderman,

    I think that the reason you chase everyone so much, is because you want some friends. I feel bad for you. If you want, you can be my friend. You’d be swell to have around! You could get me things from above my kitchen cabinets I have to use a step stool to put up. And I bet you would be a real help if someone needed there house painted.
    You are always wearing a suit. You’re quite the dapper tall fellow. Anyway, if you get this internet letter, through your esp, or supernatural demonic skinny man powers, please come to my house. We can watch a scary movie. Or, well, maybe you’re sick of scary stuff. Whatever, we can watch old Ninja Turtles episodes. I bet you’d like the 90s version. It’s very lighthearted.

    Spooky Sean

    P.S. Why do you always break electronics?