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  • Prometheus, and the Primitive Prequel

    When people are attractive, no matter what some might say to the contrary, we treat them differently. Some act in a hostile manner toward the nice to view. Some treat them as if these people blessed with good ratios and balanced, proportioned features could do no wrong.
    Where am I going with this? Here is my analogy on Prometheus.
    A really attractive person, who once you start listening to, makes you realize they are incredibly stupid.
    A gorgeous pop corn flick, really great to watch if you are willing to shut a little bit of your brain off for a while.
    But then the plot holes. I won’t bother to go into them, but they are many.
    We never seem to get a sense anyone, other than the main character, Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and her… husband? Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) really mesh well together. Every interaction seems very hollow. A lack of chemistry, one could say.
    The special effects are great, but the character designs seem a bit…uninspired. H.R. Giger was in no way involved, which is perhaps the best reason one can think of for the impressive, though visually stale, big budget imagery.
    This film suffers from prequalitus hard. If it is a prequel, which seems very likely based on events seen at the end of the film. These events raise some interesting questions I can’t bring up without bringing us into spoiler alert territory.
    Blame it on falsely assuming Scott still cared about story, or character, over flash. I saw his Robin Hood, I should have known better.
    Still, despite its flaws, its hard not to enjoy this one. Does it matter if a stripper is illiterate? She’s still going to get my money.
    That’s Prometheus folks. A lot of glitter, but when you leave, you just wonder why you threw so much money at it. And then you remember. Because it was very sexy.

  • Quick Horror Flick News: Alien Prequel

    So, I read over at Twitch Film that Ridley Scott is not doing an Alien Prequel. Instead, he is making a movie called Prometheus, which may explore some of the themes that would have been in the prequel.
    It’s strange, but I’m almost more excited to hear that Ridley’s new movie isn’t another Alien film. At least this opens up the door to new weird creatures. I mean, I love Giger’s Alien, but I think it has lost some of its effectiveness due to repetitious use.

  • Alien Prequel Back On, but Starring who?

    I’ll keep it short. I read on various websites, that the Alien Prequels are back on, and that Ridley Scott is still attached. But, apparently, they want to cast either Noomi Rapace,(from the swedish version of the film Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) or the actress from Wall Street 2, Carey Mulligan.
    Whoever they pick, they best be bad ass as hell. Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley is one of my favorite alien hunting bad asses, along with R.J. Macready from The Thing played by Kurt Russel, and of course Agent Mulder from The X Files, played by David Duchovny.
    Oh Sigourney, I don’t care how old you are, you can blow my aliens out of the airlock, anytime.
    Also, supposedly, Scott says the prequel may contain that gigantic creature found inside the derelict, the Alien ship from the first film.