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  • The ADD Horror Fan: Release of My First Novel

    Like the shambling undead this series will now be unearthed, to coincide with the release of my first novel. So, understand, writing a novel for someone with ADD is basically akin to climbing a fucking mountain without shoes. I’ve tested out my attention span: for reading, I lose steam 5 to 6 minutes in, and for shows or films, probably every 20 minutes I get bored, give or take. So the no doubt hundreds of hours I spent working on this novel is no small feat, especially when you consider every 15 minutes or so I’d lose steam. And since these do better with pictures, below is a sexy zombie!

    Okay, you idiots still here? Cool. So what the fuck was I- YES, I PUT OUT MY FIRST BOOK, well, am in the process of putting it out. Kindle link below suckahs.

    TH3 D3M0N for Kindle

    So right (it’s called ADD horror fan for a reason) finished a book about demonic possession spread via computer virus. My mom gave my the idea several years back when she told me about this one for the iphone that was going around, and whether it was or wasn’t called this, she said it was known as “The Demon.” Rest is history.

    TH3 D3M0N is book 1 of 3 in The Fires Rise series (working title that will probably stick.) I’m going to refrain from comparing myself to other writers for a change, but it’s the novel is almost certainly inspired by Clive Barker and Stephen King, as well as Jack Ketchum, Laird Barron, Matthew M. Bartlett, and Thomas Ligotti. Yes, I just did a terrible job refraining from mentioning other writers, fucking sue me.

    I’m going to have a separate posts on influences for the book later, but since the point of this article series is to be stream of consciousness, let me tell you what I’m feeling and thinking. Well I’m eating peanut butter cups, and I could lie and say I’m scared, but I’m not. Putting a book out gets progressively less scary. I’m more scared it won’t go anywhere, but hey, I have another job, so whatever. I’m hoping people like the book, sincerely. I think it has merit to it, and I think the scale of it more than anything is where people will be dragged in, and will hopefully bring them back for book 2 in The Fires Rise series (whenever the fuck I get around to doing that).

    We live in a fun age, with a lot of technological and psychosocial advancements, with things like social media and Youtube. But you have to wonder if this new landscape is screwing with people (spoiler alert, it is, I just am too lazy to google research studies). But hey, it allows me to send this post to you without the need of the post office, so hooray.

    Might write a list of gothic horror films later. Not sure. Keepin’ it loosy goosy.
    And I’m out.

  • Hey Motivation, Where the Hell Did You Go?

    So, today is one of those days I don’t feel like doing anything. I’m writing this, but lets face it, this is just one step up from a facebook note in terms of difficulty. That is the reason I love having this site, don’t get me wrong. It’s refreshing to have somewhere I can just vent my thoughts, where they don’t have to be fictional, and interesting, like a short story or a poem or the fucking book.
    Speaking of the fucking book I’m writing, I need to finish the first draft. I am so sick of having the plot kicking around in my head. I guess an explanation is in order. You see, as this is my first book, and I’ve never written one before, I decided about a year ago to do the first draft out on paper first. I filled just about two, fifty page notebooks with words, before I, well I don’t even remember what happened, I think I just lost faith for a month and stopped writing in it.
    I went back to reread what I’d written, and to my dismay not only did my scramblings not make a hell of a lot of sense, but since I’d written it all by hand and I have very sloppy handwriting, I could just barely read it. So, I mined through this draft, took the important elements I’d created, and scrapped the rest of the silly stuff, like outright song lyric rip offs and pointless back story about the main characters ancestor, that ultimately weren’t ever touched on again, so weren’t really worthy to be there, clouding up the story.
    So, I started fresh last May, just typing the fucking thing into my computer, going from a brief amount of notes I took from the notebook first, first draft. I’m now around one hundred and fifty pages in, on technically my second draft, but I’m calling it the first draft, and my motivation is fledgling. I know, I’m a huge hypocrite, as I wrote a post earlier talking about how you just have to write, no matter how bad it seems. Sometimes, that’s easier said then done.
    I’m not going to stop writing, I’m just at the point I’m sure a lot of novelists get to from time to time, where the initial burst of enthusiasm is gone, and I have to add a few more chapters, until the dynamite finish. But fuck, getting to these last chapters is like plodding through the mud. I have a bad attention span, so that’s part of it, but the other problem is the nature of the work. Its all first person, and this character has killed forty five already. Each kill has been, or at least was written to be, different then the others. The guy wants to kill as many people as he can, in as many different ways as he can. But, I tell ya, its getting harder and harder to think of fresh kills.
    One way I helped myself, was by lowering my total length goal for the first draft. Initially I was planning around a 260 or 280 page first draft, but that just doesn’t seem neccesary. So, I cut my goal down to around 225 pages for the first draft. Now, I’m less worried about stretching out the narrative, and more focused around having the story dictate its own length. And if I finish before 225 pages? Well, I no longer care, as long as I have a good, solid framework to go off of, for the second draft when I can expand, and edit. Which will technically be the third draft, though I don’t count it as such.
    I got some good advice from the internet about motivation, which helped me greatly. A simple google search can do wonders. Likewise, I’m on a facebook writers group, which helped. I got the advice of writing, even if it isn’t in the novel. That helped greatly, and is hence why I am writing this. Because, even if it isn’t one hundred percent related, writing anything will help your brain get into the writing zone. Same thing with reading, if you read anything, its easier to read something else later, if that makes any sense.
    I listened to the audio book by Stephen King On Writing, which also gave me some good ideas. Let’s face it, if anyone knows about cranking out a novel, its Mr. King. The best thing I heard during the course of my listen, was that he gives himself about six weeks off when he is done with the first draft of a new book. This work method, which I plan to use, is making me much more motivated to finish. Because it means, when I’m done with the first draft of this book, I can finally take a break. From the character, and all the wracking of my brain I’ve had to do to come up with original kills, over and over and over again.
    This is not my day. I just spilled coffee on my bed. Thats right, I’m writing this from my bed, so sue me. I wasn’t kidding when I said it was a day I didn’t feel like doing anything.

  • Writing, the Hard Days

    If you are a writer, chances are you’ve had bad days. You know, the days when every word is a struggle, and every sentence seems like a steaming pile of crap. I am having one of those days, today.
    Part of this is due to the fact that I’m writing my very first novel. I’ve never written one, so its all new to me. I hope the pacing on it is right, and that I’m sustaining the tension, but frankly, I won’t know if it works as a book until I’m done writing it. New things are often difficult, and scary. They are to me, at least.
    Yet, most of the trouble is just an inevitable part of the creative process. Some days will be better then others. And some days, if you’re anything like me, you’ll feel like a complete hack with a talent level somewhat below the authors you find in the five dollar bin at the bookstore. You know, the books they had to put on sale, because they’re that bad that no one will buy them at a suggested retail of more then the price of a medium sized whopper meal. Perhaps that isn’t the best analogy, considering the fact that some of those books might be good, they just haven’t had the proper advertising thrown out there for them.
    In any case, even though today is one of those days where its incredibly hard to write, I am going to write. Because writers write, and if I don’t write anything (other then this post), I will be a total hypocrite. Because I’m going to tell you the magical, mystical secret, that all productive writers know, and use to finish their novels. It is simply this; write no matter what. Write when you feel too tired, too lazy, or too dumb to be a writer. Because every day won’t be like pulling teeth, when you sit down with pen and paper, or take a seat in front of the keyboard. Some days, the words will come easy, and you’ll feel like a vernacular master, with a mastery of words.
    If you are really having a bitch of a time, simply start with one sentence. One sentence for a day isn’t great, but its better then no sentences. Maybe, the next day, you’ll be able to type up a half page, or even a full page. Right now, I try to do at least a page every weekday. I’ve given myself weekends off, at least for the time being. Time off from writing the novel, I should say. I’m sure I’ll post to this on weekend and week days alike.
    Until next time, make sure you locked all your windows. I know you don’t believe in aliens, but what was that flash of light you saw in the sky earlier? And what is that, walking, behind your place? Its certainly not human. Oh my lord, what the hell is that thing? Is it an animal? No, that’s no animal you’ve ever seen before. Can your sanity hold, after seeing a thing like that?

  • First Entry

    If you read the post, who the fuck is Spooky Sean on this site, you will know, well, what I’m about. However, for those to lazy to click the link, here’s the summation. I’m a horror junkie who is writing his first novel. I have no agent, no deals as of yet, and well, I’m only halfway through writing the book. However, I plan to have this site as a place for me to explain about the process first hand. By that I mean, the process of writing a novel, and of course, of the long and ridiculous road to publishing it. So strap in for that mechanical bull, because I’m sure it will buck like crazy.
    Other then that, I simply plan to write about books and movies in the genre that I love along with comics, and possibly a video game if I get around to one, though I’ll tell you right now, I probably won’t. Leave me alone, I’m writing a fucking book here!
    Another benefit of this site, is that I can post my writing on it, in the desperate hope that, gee, I don’t know, some people actually fucking read it. Man, I tell ya, nothing worse then an author without an audience. Worse then diarrhea without toilet paper. How charming I must come off…
    But, enough with the seriousness, who is excited for Dead Hooker in a Trunk? Am I right? Come on, I have to see it for the title alone! It’s not out yet around here, I don’t think, and it probably won’t be for a while. By the way, I’m incredibly ADD, so if I flip back and forth real fast from sentence to sentence, well, rest assured, its just the way I think. I’ll try to rope it in, but it is my blog, so I’m not going to try that hard.
    Oh, I did see Piranha 3D the other night, and it was amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys monster movies and tits. Let’s face it, if you are on this page, chances are you like at least one of the two, possibly both. I’m for both.
    I just finished a novel called Hater by David Moody that was excellent. Its only about 300 pages, and the pace is fast, so I finished it in no time. Didn’t hurt that the plot was nice and paranoia inducing. It’s a story essentially in the vein of your typical zombie yarn. However, instead of hordes of the undead, Moody opts for people that just go bat shit and start killing other people at random. I just ordered the sequel, Dog Blood, and it should be arriving at my residence any day now.
    Anywho, off to watch Futurama. Ok, so Futurama isn’t very scary, but I do watch other stuff. I just prefer the spooky shit. Until next time, make sure you lock your door, because you never know who might be just outside it, with knife freshly sharpened and antipsychotic prescription medication recently cancelled. Wait, did you hear that?

    What was that?