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  • Random-Ass Interview: Kristi Demeester


    Kristi Demeester is a writer to keep your eye on.

    Cats or dogs?

    Dogs forever. Somehow I ended up with three, and I’m constantly covered in dog hair.

    Does this look infected?

    Maybe don’t stick your pecker in everything.

    Pumpkin pie or apple?


    Have you ever written a story you had to edit for so long you lost any sense of it?

    Not that I necessarily lost sense of it, but so long that I scrapped it because I couldn’t ever see it working.

    Can anyone pull off velour?

    Tom Hardy probably could. But he’s the only one I’d ever want to see in it.

    Tea or coffee?

    Coffee. Black like my soul. Tea should only be had over ice and sugared to the point of diabetes.

    Do you think there’s a paint color that could make your eyes bleed, and make you hallucinate?

    If there is one, I want some. For my enemies.

    If Hell is repetition, does that mean that by default life is often Hell?

    This question is too smart for me.

    On longer projects, how do you stay motivated?

    I set a goal for myself last year that I would write 1,000 words a day with a day off here and there. Eventually, it became habit. On days I don’t write, I feel itchy. So keeping that itch away keeps me motivated.

    Do you listen to music when you write?

    Music has to either be something I know so well that it fades into the backdrop or ambient. I listen to a lot of Lull when I write. Last summer, I listened to the It Follows soundtrack over and over while I finished my first novel.

    You find a hidden room in your house. What’s in it?

    Lots and lots of bottles of expensive whiskey.

    Have you ever broken a bone?

    I haven’t. I’ve also never been stung by a bee.

    Do you think a human femur makes a good bludgeoning tool?

    Anything with the appropriate heft makes a good bludgeoning tool.

    Thanks for taking part.

    Thanks so much, Sean!

    Got any plugs?

    My chapbook “Split Tongues” is currently available from Dim Shores Press. My story “All The World When It Is Thin” is in the newest issue of The Dark Magazine. Find me online at