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  • I Saw the Devil; It was Messed Up

    A film from South Korea, I Saw the Devil will floor you. Directed by Jee-woon Kim, and written by Hoon-jung Park, it’s the story of the nature of revenge, and the devastating psychological ramifications which go along with exacting it.


    I Saw the Devil is a fairly gory film, but not all of the gore is shown. One particularly masterful scene in a taxi comes to mind, which consists of a circular style of shot, and lots of stabbing. There are some very beautiful shots in the flick, even if sometimes they are of terrible things.


    The film is like a hyrbid between a horror and action film. Some have had a problem with this, but I like genre mish-mashes. Mainly the reason the film is so good though, are the performances. The acting is dynamic, particularly the performance of Kim Soo-hyeon (the cop) by Byung-hun Lee, and that of Kyung-chul (serial killer) by Min-sik Choi. The main reason this film elevates itself over say a Hostel or Saw, is in the emotionality conveyed through the brilliant performances.

    For fans of serial killer films, and Asian horror, I Saw the Devil pulls no punches. Be forewarned that this is a 2 hour plus film, so you might need to do it in two sittings. It’s not for the faint of heart.