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  • The Add Horror Fan: Don’t Worry, Just Do the Damn Thang

    So many things to do, how do I know which one to do? I don’t. I just try to stagger all my creative projects out. All is creation. I figure it’s the same part of the brain, so whatever I work on is good. Listening to The Winding Sheet by Mark Lanegan right now.

    I worry a lot about seeming stupid, scatter-brained, and, dare I say, rambling, and incoherent. I guess the only shit that makes it uniquely horror-based is that’s the genre I tend to gravitate towards.

    I lose motivation real easy. You might notice I don’t update this blog a lot. You gotta understand, i have a lot to do, and the traffic on this is quite low. Right now, I’m just trying to build up an audience in the most effective fashion.

    But shit, let’s talk horror cruuud. Just watched You’re Next for the first time. Loved the score, though it was overbearing, and loved the look of it, though I thought the story was a bit nonexistent. Watched some movie called Contracted. Terrible acting, but the practical effects were rad.

    Just read a story by Julio Cortezar, known as Headache aka Cefalea. Cortezar released it in the fifties in his short story collection Bestiario. It was a cool story, real paranoid. However, perhaps it was the translation, and all the latin, but it was quite confusing. Nifty story though, here’s the link where you can read it. Has a very awesome picture by Dave Mckean at the top above the story. It is pictured below.


    I’m trying to get There Are Other Worlds Than These back up. Line up change, and I don’t feel like throwing anyone under the bus, so I won’t discuss it much. I feel bad enough about the change, so let’s just leave it at this; sometimes in this life you have to make decisions. You have to do things you feel are for the best in the interest of getting your projects off the ground. The King cast was fucking stagnating, and I am far from without blame for that. I’d lost steam on it. Hopefully the new cohosts will help me get There Are Other Worlds Than These off the ground. I plan to have a lot of fun, and if I don’t, I’ll just hand it off to one of them. Not like I don’t have way to much other shit going on right now.

    For instance, Spooky Sean’s Podcastery… I gotta get a guest and record a new episode of that fucker! Perhaps AJ and TJ from There Are Other Worlds Than These? I just realized they both have abbreviations, and the letter “J” in their names…