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  • Horror Comics Breakdown 11/09/12

    On the off chance this article ain’t posted on the amazingly deranged site I now happily write fer, and love the name of Adventures in Poor Taste! I’ve decided to just post this list of horror comic goodness to my own site. This post will also serve as my “hey, I write for a new site now, don’t I feel special,” kind of a thing.
    I still write for All Things Horror, however, I fear due to the infuriating service known as the United States Postal, my screeners ain’t been comin’ a’ lately. Or, maybe they just haven’t sent them out to me yet.
    But hey, that’s why I drop my roughly 90 bucks a year for this domain, and web hosting. Because Spooky gets restless as a crack head near the end of the bag. Long time readers may remember I had a few posts known as “Horror Comic Run-downs” but I’ve finished running, and have lapsed into full on “Breakdown” mode.
    Welcome to my Breakdown, I hope I didn’t scare you, that’s just the way I am, when I come down.

    Colder issue 1

    This cover is beautifully disgusting. The man is touching his own eye, by sticking his hand through his mouth. I tell you, little kids around the globe will unwittingly see this cover on comic shops, and have nightmares for weeks as a result. In the interest of letting you know the plot of this sucker, I picked it up.
    Written by Paul Tobin, with art by Juan Ferreyra, Colder tells the tale of Declan Thomas, who used to live in the funny farm. Hey, its the 1940’s, in a loony bin in Massachusetts. Anywho, Declan’s body temp is dropping faster than a stripper on a busy night, due to a weird dude named Nimble Jack. There’s a fire at the ol’ insane-o asylum.
    Cut to Boston in present day. I hast seen no Nimble Jack in Boston? Where is barefoot Nimble Jack? Show him to me, I’ll frequent the city more.
    Sadly, despite the intense cover, not a heck of a lot goes on in this issue. In fact, Declan is catatonic for most of the fucker. Best parts are the beginning, and then it’s expositional present day story time.
    Nimble Jack is entertaining, but ultimately, this issue can’t surpass its cover.

    30 Days of Night (current arc) issue 11

    Steve Niles is back with this, issue 11, of the current 30 Days of Night arc. This time around the story centers on Alice Blood, a woman convinced vampires exist. The art started with Sam Keith, but now it’s duties fall to Christopher Mitten. This 30 Days run is great. Don’t want to spoil anything, but an old friend pops by from the very first story arc! Mitten’s art isn’t my favorite, but these vampires are somewhat intimidating. It passes, but is certainly nothing when compared to the vamps of the great and powerful Templesquid.

    BPRD Hell on Earth Return of the Master issue 3

    The BPRD must stop a crazed Russian scientist from releasing demons. I have to admit, I had to use a combination wiki, and going back and buying recent issues to get somewhat up to date with what’s going on with the BPRD lately. Pardon the pun, but it’s a Hell of a lot.
    Story by Mike Mignola(duh) and John Arcudi with art by Tyler Crook, this is a much purchase for BPRD and Hellboy fans. And everyone’s favorite evil Russian from the first Hellboy story is back!

    Hellblazer issue 296

    Jebus, if I thought there was a lot to pick up on with BPRD, well…actually much the same with Hellblazer. This was published earlier in the month, but in the interest of catching up, let’s take a gander. Issue numbah 296 is written by Peter Milligan, with art by Giuseppe Camuncoli.
    Man have I been behind. Apparently Constantine got married, and lost his thumb! Currently, we follow Constantine as he confronts his adopted nephew Finn in Ireland about some sketchy actions, in an attempt to get his sister to leave Hell so his niece Gemma will stop screwing the gangster Julian, the father of John’s bride, Epiphany. Oh, and Julian is a Babylonian demon.
    Like I said, there’s a lot going on. Don’t expect to pick up or get this issue digitally without spending time to get up to speed. Or, if you are a faithful reader, just keep on going.
    I really dig Camuncoli’s art style, and his use of shadows.

    Fatale #9

    Written by Ed Brubaker with art by Sean Phillips. A nifty mixing of noir and Lovecraftian demon beasties. Only nine issues, so you don’t have to go nuts reading, oh say, a metric ass-ton of issues to see where the plot is now.
    She was a dame, with legs that wouldn’t quit, and also she was chased by weird men with tentacles and bowler hats.


    And the holy shit comic of the week goes to…
    Written by Nick Spencer, with art by Riley Rossmo. The first few pages of this one are…man, clean up on aisle me, I think I pissed myself. Only problem is, the intro is so powerful, that when we cut to our main character, James Franklin Tyse, even despite his creepy secret, it seems to lose a bit of steam. There is a superhero, but we don’t really hear much about him. It’s interesting to have the focus on the villain, and the hero in the background. That villain is Madder Red. Madder is much like the Joker, except much more of a serial killer, terrorist type. Although, with a much larger body count, with more of a penchant for serial killing. He kills a lot of people. Like, a whole lot. The use of color is very unique, sticking mainly to black and white, but having the red’s and other select colors in, well color. Very angular art by Rossmo, much like my favorite artist, Sir Templesmith. The color use reminds me of what Stuart Gordon did in season 2 of Masters of Horror, with his episode The Black Cat, about Edgar Allen Poe.
    Sorry, did I just compare a comic to a TV show? My bad. I mean, when was there ever a horror comic turned into a horror TV show, that is on AMC right now? I miss Tales From the Crypt.
    It’s worth a read, and I’m interested where it’s going, because it seems like it’ll be crazy (puns!) good.
    This issue is about fitty pages, so you get a lot of wacko for your buck.
    Look, let me just show you how disturbing this comic can get. Nothing I can say is a better sell.

  • The ADD Horror Fan: I’ve Been Away For So Long, It’s a Nice Day to Start Again

    I could blame my lack of posts in the last few months on many things. More hours at work, mild depression, a general lack of motivation. A general feeling that no matter what I write about, its already been written about a thousand times all over the internet. But excuses are hollow, and everyone who writes has some form of a life, so ultimately there is no excuse. Lack of drive is something I’ve struggled with, and I won’t lie and say I’m cured here, because that would be bullshit. I’ll make an effort to start updating more, but I make no promises.
    You see, Ol’ Spooky goes through cycles. I’ll have the part of my cycle in which I do very little writing for websites, and focus primarily on writing fiction. And then I’ll have a part of the cycle where I get tired of all the rejection emails, and go back to writing primarily for websites, doing only a little fiction. And then there’s the cycle where I think its all bloody hopeless, and who the fuck wants to read my fiction, or my non-fiction, and I just write nothing. That’s been the latest part of the cycle. Yet, there is a fourth part of said writing cycle. This is the part where I decide, fuck it, I’m going to write my ass off, because I feel like I’m wasting my life if I don’t. Its very self-aggrandizing. The attitude is essentially, I must write, the world needs my words! Whatever, it gets me typing again. And its always fun updating the Bloggery. For a while, I thought, no, I need to make this more like a website, and less like a blog. I forgot the whole reason I started this fucker in the first place. As an outlet for me, myself, and I. Where I could post stories (that no one reads, but hey, they’re there if you want ’em) ramble on about nonsense, and just write my black little heart out. I pay for the domain, I might as well get some use out of the bastard!
    Its pretty fun to see people still check this blarg out when I don’t post for months.

    By the by, its not that I don’t have many, many things to write about. I could write about how my story Casual Sex has held my record number of rejections thus far (3), though I just did, and I don’t think it warrants a whole post.
    EDIT-June 24th-Good news, Casual Sex will in fact be published! Deets when available. Back to my regularly scheduled ramble.
    Surreal Grotesque
    I could review, and discuss my gripes with Prometheus, despite how awesome it looked in IMAX 3D. I still need to write a damn review of The Divide, and I saw that many moons ago.
    I just wanted to let all you pretty followers know that I’m still alive, for one thing, though if you follow my Facebook page, you’d know that. You’d see the thousands of Game of Thrones gifs, and all the funny cat gifs, or memes, or whatever the fuck you call them. I’m not always hip with the lingo.
    I’ve written a story on bath salts which will more than likely never be read for years. I wrote a story about a man addicted to fast food, but the anthology was already filled by the time I sent it in. I wrote a civil war themed horror story I’ve yet to hear back on, several months ago. I also wrote a story about a gentleman’s club, set at the beginning of the twentieth century. That one was rejected, in a real fun way. I never got any rejection email, I just found out the anthology came out, and noticed I wasn’t in it. Rejection is just a part of the game, but it would have been nice to at least get something letting me know I wasn’t in. The civil war themed, and gentleman’s club themed stories were each for the same press, which shall remain nameless. Matter of fact, I’ve still got a couple of stories that were supposed to come out from said publisher. We shall see if they actually see the light of day.
    Needless to say, I don’t have time in my life to wait to hear back on a story I wrote many months ago. So thanks for the credits for my resume, but for now, moving right along.
    Hey, got some good news. I’m a contributor (albeit a terrible one, as the lack of output has been across the board) to two websites now. Not Examiner, because they are a waste of time, and want everything to be localized, which I found incredibly obnoxious. If I wanted to write about things locally, I wouldn’t be a veritable hermit, now would I?! Everybody, check out my ramblings on All Things Horror Online, and a site called Adventures in Poor Taste. So far I only have a few articles up, but again, working to rectify this.
    I know articles do better if they have a picture, so I’ve posted a picture of Virginia Madsen from Candyman covered in blood. I’m fully aware you will probably just look at the picture, and skim the article. Go ahead, I still got your page view. Suckahs.
    Signing off for now.
    Spooky Sean

  • I saw a Dead Hooker, and it was awesome!

    First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone from All Things Horror Online, for not only linking my site, but also for managing to track down a copy of Dead Hooker in a Trunk. They had a screening of the film down at the Somerville theatre, and I don’t want to give anything about the film away, but I will say it was gleefully fucked up, and if you are a fan of independent films and horror or b movies, you should track it down and watch it when it comes out on dvd. They screened a few short films before Dead Hooker, and one in particular, entitled Side Effect, was really messed up. Also, during the month of October, the folks at All Things Horror Online will be having screenings every Wednesday of all sorts of stuff, so if you’re in the greater Boston area, come check it out.
    Now, I know I said I’d be talking about everything horrific, but the last two posts have been simply about writing, and themes in writing. I plan to try and post more horrific and fucked up things, so don’t worry your pretty little heads off.
    I wish I had more to tell you this week, but I haven’t finished any books or seen anything that scary since Dead Hooker on Wednesday. I did watch The Mothman Prophecies again Thursday, and that movie creeps me the fuck out. Likewise, the story of the Mothman is quite chilling on its own. I love cryptozoology. Just the concept of entities and creatures science has yet to be able to discover intrigues me.
    I read that Guillermo Del Toro wants to cast Tom Cruise, for his adaptation of Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness. I will not mince my words here, I think this fucking sucks. Likewise, I read that the script for ATMOM completely cuts out the underground city in the Mountains mentioned in the title, and that Cthulhu just randomly shows up at the end. Seriously, what the fuck. I had such high hopes for this film, and they are quickly being beaten to death against a rock, like a fish recently reeled in from the ocean.
    I’m going to try and see Machete this weekend, and if I do, of course I’ll let you darlings know if I liked it. I mean, I’m obviously going to wank it to the film (sarcasm), but I do hope that its good for more then some quality T n A parading around the screen. If I wanted that, I’d just watch porn.
    One final note for all you readers out there. Initially, I was planning to post all my visuals, like trailers and pictures and the like, only on Fridays. However, after some careful consideration, I’ve decided to scrap the idea. I mean, if I see a really bitching trailer for a movie on a Thursday, why the hell shouldn’t I just post it that Thursday?! See, you have no good answer!
    Until next time, you sure you don’t believe in ghosts? You went up to wash your face, and you saw the reflection of something in the room behind you, walking by your bed. And, when you left the bathroom to go back to bed, you noticed that it was noticeably colder by the bed than in the bathroom. Which is strange, seeing as how it is ninety degrees outside. Perhaps, they just want someone to talk to. Let’s hope so.