Too Spoopy

Too Spoopy


Stop Spoiling the Damn Movie! A Rant

Dear nearly every movie blog I read,

I want to read a review so I can know whether or not the film is worth watching. What I don’t need from a review is a two paragraph or more synopsis of the film. I really just want to know if I should see the flick or not. You can tell me the plot in about two sentences if you know the valuable art of condensing.
Have you ever read a review in say, Entertainment Weekly, or Rolling Stone, that had a five paragraph synopsis? Look, if you think you are so skilled at laying out the plot, here’s an idea. Go write a movie. But, if you want to write a review, please don’t spoil the entire film for me. I actually want to watch these films. At the very least, if you are going to bring up a crucial plot aspect of the film, give us a “spoiler alert” warning. Thank you.

Everyone will continue to write two thousand word explanations of the film plots anyway, so this whole post is moot.

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