Too Spoopy

Too Spoopy


Reflections on Feeling like a Failure

Money has been tight, and I’m still struggling with the book. I wish I could find a writing job, but they seem to be all for stuff I don’t care about, like real estate, or dynamic business solutions.
I just need to vent, I guess, so vent I go.
Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so anxious about life, and so utterly unqualified for so very much.
Sometimes I feel like it’d be easier, if I just wandered off into the woods without telling anyone, and spent the rest of my life in the forest. Somewhere to be alone.
Anywho, woo, Halloween is this Sunday.

One Response to Reflections on Feeling like a Failure

  1. One difference (sizable) between you, Sean and the rest who share those feelings, is that you do something with it. That’s what makes you a writer I want to read. Check this quote here:

    From The Worst Journey in the World (1910 – 1913 British Expedition to the Antarctic)
    by Apsley Cherry-Garrard
    There are many reasons which send men to the Poles, and the Intellectual Force uses them all. But the desire for knowledge for its own sake is the one which really counts and there is no field for the collection of knowledge which at the present time can be compared to the Antarctic.
    Exploration is the physical expression of the Intellectual Passion.
    And I tell you, if you have the desire for knowledge and the power to give it physical expression, go out and explore. If you are a brave man you will do nothing: if you are fearful you may do much, for none but cowards have need to prove their bravery. Some will tell you that you are mad, and nearly all will say, “What is the use?” For we are a nation of shopkeepers, and no shopkeeper will look at research which does not promise him a financial return within a year. And so you will sledge nearly alone, but those with whom you sledge will not be shopkeepers: that is worth a good deal. If you march your Winter Journeys you will have your reward, so long as all you want is a penguin’s egg.

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