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The Burning
It has Jason Alexander in it. So, yeah, its really fucking silly. Also, if you’ve seen the documentary Cropsey, you know that they could have gone way creepier with the killer, instead of making him into another Jason knock off. I give it two pissed pants, out of five.

Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly
It’s being billed as Girly, but the title sequence calls the movie Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly, so I will refer to it as such. It’s odd, containing a bunch of members of a weird cult family, who speak in school yard rhymes and bring random strangers home, to indoctrinate into their bizarre ways. Also, they kill the ones who try to escape, or just because they arbitrarily want to. It kept me thoroughly confused and anxious, so I give this one three and a half pints of blood, out of five.

They seem...nice.

I don’t want to give anything away, but this movie is creepy. Very fucking creepy, as it centers around a real man, who is at the very least crazy, and may or may not be something else.
For a documentary where not a hell of a lot goes on, it managed to keep me feeling uncomfortable, and its fun to hear about the legend of Cropsey, out there in the dark, Staten Island woods.
I give it four creepy stares, out of five.

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  1. Just got around to watching it. Creepy’s about dead-on. I was surprised and perhaps wrongly, at the number of mentally challenged people, mostly children, in the documentary. Perhaps I shouldn’t have as it happened around Willowbrook…
    But from the Satanists, homeless people in the woods and ruins of Willowbrook, to Andre Rand, what a collection of evil…
    Interestingly, another documentary from 1996 is available as streaming on Netflix: “Unforgotten: twenty-five years after Willowbrook”. Reviews on it are… Diverse. It centers on the facility, rather than the disappearances, as “Cropsey” does.

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