Too Spoopy

Too Spoopy


Praise Him

Here’s some words from some fun people about the Bloggery.

“I just dig your style so fucking much, Sean.
You love real horror and it shows.”
Sylvia Soska, director and screenwriter
Twisted Twins Productions

“Spooky Sean is an absolutely astounding writer.”
Jen Soska, director and screenwriter
Twisted Twins Productions

“Spooky Sean’s corner of the web is a place like no other. Every time you visit, a demon gets its wings!”
Unkle Lancifer writer

‘”With solid reviews, demented short stories, and plenty of nudity, has something for everyone. Good times all around!”
Svetlana Fedotov writer
Fangoria Online

“Boston horror just got better.”
Andre Dumas writer
The Horror Digest

“Spooky Sean is a raw steak in front of a starving man. It’s bloody and might make you sick, but damn, it tastes good.”
T.J. Tranchell writer
Warning Signs

“Spooky Sean, what can I say…sick, twisted, morbidly brilliant writer and more important, X Phile through and through! Read the superb, often random writings of this hardcore horror nerd, and in your face serial killer dork…you never know what kind of fucked up trip your mind is about to embark on!”
Jennifer Cooper writer

“Spooky Bloggery is 100% true horror that pulls no punches; the future of horror is here.”
Mister Bones writer
Tales from the Batcave

“Opinionated, talented, and probably not medicated, Spooky Sean is a breath of fetid air that is sorely needed in the world of horror blogging these days.”
Pax Romano writer
Billy Loves Stu

“Violence and the macabre ahead: con­sider your­self warned!”
Emily Bleak writer
Positively Bleak

“ADD has never been so disturbing.”
Kevin Walsh writer
Buy Zombie

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