Too Spoopy

Too Spoopy


It’s Just Another Day: The Release of My First Book

Here’s the fucking awesome cover Mark Richards drew, and that Scott R. Jones helped me design.


I always wondered how I’d feel when I finally had a book out.
I know from experience that a lot of milestones are really just normal days. You don’t feel any damn different. When I finished my first book, even after a slogging march of two years, I felt the same.

Man, talk about a drag, right? Here you are expecting me to say it’s the most magical day of any writer’s life. It really isn’t. It’s just another day.

No, the excitement is to come. Not the first plunge, but knowing that at the end of the swim there might be an island. And on that island, well, who knows? That’s the fun part.

You can’t predict how you’ll feel, any more than you can predict how things will shake out. Still, you’ll never know until you try.

Below are the links to my first collection, a chapbook called “Too Late.” I hope you like it.

Too Late on Kindle

Too Late in the flesh

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