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Horror Comics Run-Down, Hellboy One Shots

First up, a one shot of Hellboy with the cute, little paranormal investigator pets known as the Beasts of Burden. The story was written by Evan Dorkin and Mike Mignola, and the art was by Jill Thompson, with the letters by Jason Arthur. It’s known as Hellboy Beasts of Burden Sacrifice, and the story is cute and atmospheric, much like any other Beasts or Hellboy story, except that with the added animals its way cuter then typical Hellboy fare. I highly recommend this, to anyone who is a fan of either series. Also, always nice to see someone new drawing the big red ape.

Next, we have Hellboy:Double Feature of Evil, another one shot with a story by Mignola and art by Richard Corben. Does anyone care who lettered the damn thing? I don’t normally write about comics, so I’m not sure what the protocol is with this, but fuck it the letters were done by Clem Robins.
This has two different tales in it, as you would expect, and each seems like a throw back tale, especially since the settings are a haunted house, and a museum with a pyramid. These were also spectacular, and I really enjoyed the first tale in particular. It kind of seemed like a slightly different version of Lovecraft’s tale The Shunned House.

Whenever I get the money, I plan to catch up on Hellboy, Abe Sapien, B.P.R.D., and all other manner of Mignola projects I’ve fallen behind on. Stay tuned for more panels of putridity and screams.

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