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Here’s Charlie! : Bronson Review

This one is for the LAMB. Bahhhhhhhh.

I loved Bronson, and I love the real man the film is based upon. That’s not to say I’d like to meet him on the street; fuck that, and no thank you. But, there is something beautiful about a person so anti-social. And there is a freedom in relating to such a man, who shits upon civility and smiles a toothy grin.
I found myself loving the character on the screen, despite the fact this is the exact type of person that scares me the most in real life. A man who would beat you to a pulp just because; what the hells more frightening than that? But, as I watched Bronson, I found myself laughing, and smiling. Somehow, I began to really enjoy this man. To further complicate matters, he is down right nice to certain people in the film. And he has a delightfully quirky sense of humor. Perhaps, he isn’t as one dimensional as I thought. This being Tom Hardy as Charlie Bronson, of course. Not speaking of the real Bronson. I’m sure you assumed that, I’m just reiterating.
This is suppose to be a review of a film, so I guess I’ll get into an actual critique of the movie. It’s quite bizarre, switching from real time events, to Bronson in make up on a stage in front of a fictional audience for his many monologues. This style works very well for this type of narrative. After all, without it, it’d just be a film where you watch a guy kick the shit out of people, and then get put in a cell for hours of isolation.
The score is fun, with a lot of electronic and rock tunes. I dare you not to get Digital Versicolor by Glass Candy stuck in your head. “This is yellow…this is yellow,” through out intervals of my day, sporadically, for a few weeks.
The shots are well framed, and the pacing is great. It’s a subdued kind of pace, a lot of slow motion, many slow dissolves, and not a lot of quick cuts. It’s a style choice that makes the film unique, especially during the action scenes. We see all the violence and insanity in detail, and without the quick cuts, we can actually tell what’s happening.
Tom Hardy owns this film. He bends the film over, and makes it his prison bitch. This film made me want to watch other films with Tom Hardy in it; it’s one of those kind of performances. He spends a lot of time in the buff, so for the ladies and admirers of the male form of the male persuasion, take heed.
I did wonder what happened to Bronson’s first wife and child in the flick. Doesn’t appear that he bothers to get in touch with them once he is released from the “slammah.”
Bronson is the story of a man who only found his place in the world once he was locked outside of it. So go watch it, you “cunts.”

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  2. I wanted to liked this one, but it just left me disappointed. I didn’t fall in love with bronson character like a lot of other people did

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