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Friends O’ Spooky: The Drunken Severed Head from… The Drunken Severed Head

The Drunken Severed Head by Frank Dietz

Thanks to the Drunken Severed Head (I never get tired of writing that) for the guest post. Check out his blog at
The Drunken Severed Head

I’ve seen many, many horror movie posters in my (mumble, mumble) years on this planet. They’re often better than the films they promote! But the best ones were those that gave you a real idea of something horrible you were going to witness. Here, in the opinion of me, the Drunken Severed Head, are some of the best genre posters of the last fifty years.

One of the most fascinating posters I saw as a kid was this one for FROGS. Hey, what could be more terrifying to a child’s mind than a giant man-eating frog? I saw frogs all the time. Did they mutate into this? Sadly, the film has not even one giant man-eating frog.

I wanted movies to show what they promised in their titles. NIGHT OF THE IGUANA– why, it turned out to be a drama with no people-eating iguanas at all! And 1967’s FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN? Pfffft! There was no Frankenstein in it! (As a kid, I knew that Frankenstein was a flat-headed menacing monster, not some scientist with an English accent.) As an adult, however, I can enjoy Peter Cushing’s Victor Frankenstein, and certainly I like the looks of the curvy “monster” in this poster!

Enough with the the faux frights and misleading monsters. This next poster, rather tame by today’s standards, was enough to creep out the chill-craving kid I was (and still am, inside).

Unfortunately, the semi-professional indie EQUINOX was not widely distributed enough for me to see it until it came out on dvd decades later; I only saw the poster as a kid. When I finally saw the film, I could better appreciate the film I imagined I would see. The tusked demon monster did more destruction in my daydreams than on the screen.

Now’s here’s one that spooked me back in my grade school days:

How’d that eyeball get into that skull? Was that all the flesh left on it after some horrible monster attack? Well, no, as it turns out, but there were monsters and rotting walking dead in the film, so I didn’t feel cheated after seeing TALES FROM THE CRYPT.

Jumping a-head several years to 1982, I was a fully-hormonalized and a not-bodiless groan-up when I saw the poster for CREEPSHOW. Again, an image of a skull with one eyeball! Great!

Unlike how I felt in 1967, by 1982 I wanted to see come-hither, curvy sirens on posters, and was disappointed not to see the character played by Adrienne Barbeau featured on it. Or perhaps the toothy monster known as “Fluffy” that Hal Holbrook (who plays Barbeau’s harried husband) unleashes on her. Still, this tribute to 1950s EC horror comics (done by EC’s Jack Kamen) is a nicely nostalgic and spooky bit of work.

Here are several more monster movie posters of recent decades that I want to share. These deliver the goods! Enjoy!

Sometimes the poster was twice as good as the movie, or in this case, four times as good!

From ALIEN TO ZOMBIE, monsters, blood, and gore are the hallmarks of great horror posters!

3 Responses to Friends O’ Spooky: The Drunken Severed Head from… The Drunken Severed Head

  1. Fangtastic choice of posters!!! Some I’ve never seen before! Do you know, i’ve never actually seen the movie “Frogs” either!? I need to see this one ASAP!

  2. Spooky Sean says:

    Frogs kind of sucked, sorry to say. But, the poster is incredible!

  3. Yup, FROGS is not a very good movie. But the poster sure creeped me out as a kid. Great visual, and [SPOILER ALERT]

    could have been the poster image for the film THE MAZE.

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