Too Spoopy

Too Spoopy


Friday the 13th up on Netflix instant, social isolation ensues

I’m so torn about Netflix. On the one hand, they have completely destroyed video stores. Any that are left right now, are hurting. I have fond memories of the local video store, and visiting it to take home something to pass the time. So, its sad to see them go out of business all around me.
On the other hand, Netflix has revolutionized the way I go about watching films. With such a large database, I inevitably end up seeing more then I ever could if I simply used a local video store. They just have so much cash behind them, they have fucking everything!
Netflix instant further improved my ability to find and watch movies. One fateful day, I was on the site, and read about how they were releasing disks to use on the PS3, to instantly stream movies to your TV.
I was completely floored. This is to good to be true, I thought to myself, and reluctantly added the disk to my que to be sent.
Obviously, it worked, and now I’m constantly firing up the PS3 to watch all sorts of things through the Netflix instant streaming. Giddiness ensues whenever I find a new film in the horror section. This week, among others, Friday the 13th parts one through six have been added.
I used to go to Boy Scout camps (no I’m not kidding), and I remember hearing my fellow campers talk about the films, to scare each other. Let’s face it, sleeping in the middle of the woods as a small boy is one of the scariest things you can do. I used to be utterly terrified, most of the nights. However, it was also a lot of fun, being out among nature, and I have some fond memories of camp. As a result, any movies that take place at a camp tend to pique my curiosity.
The movies may not be high art, but much like my visits to camp, they are a lot of fun. Also, he’s got that retard strength, and there is nothing scarier then retard strength.

P.S. I just finished watching the second film, and holy shit, Jason kills a guy in a wheelchair. Also, its for no apparent reason. He wasn’t having sex, so I’m not really sure why he got killed, but he sure as hell got killed. His name was Jason, and he kills the wheelchair bound, just because.

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