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Too Spoopy


First Entry

If you read the post, who the fuck is Spooky Sean on this site, you will know, well, what I’m about. However, for those to lazy to click the link, here’s the summation. I’m a horror junkie who is writing his first novel. I have no agent, no deals as of yet, and well, I’m only halfway through writing the book. However, I plan to have this site as a place for me to explain about the process first hand. By that I mean, the process of writing a novel, and of course, of the long and ridiculous road to publishing it. So strap in for that mechanical bull, because I’m sure it will buck like crazy.
Other then that, I simply plan to write about books and movies in the genre that I love along with comics, and possibly a video game if I get around to one, though I’ll tell you right now, I probably won’t. Leave me alone, I’m writing a fucking book here!
Another benefit of this site, is that I can post my writing on it, in the desperate hope that, gee, I don’t know, some people actually fucking read it. Man, I tell ya, nothing worse then an author without an audience. Worse then diarrhea without toilet paper. How charming I must come off…
But, enough with the seriousness, who is excited for Dead Hooker in a Trunk? Am I right? Come on, I have to see it for the title alone! It’s not out yet around here, I don’t think, and it probably won’t be for a while. By the way, I’m incredibly ADD, so if I flip back and forth real fast from sentence to sentence, well, rest assured, its just the way I think. I’ll try to rope it in, but it is my blog, so I’m not going to try that hard.
Oh, I did see Piranha 3D the other night, and it was amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys monster movies and tits. Let’s face it, if you are on this page, chances are you like at least one of the two, possibly both. I’m for both.
I just finished a novel called Hater by David Moody that was excellent. Its only about 300 pages, and the pace is fast, so I finished it in no time. Didn’t hurt that the plot was nice and paranoia inducing. It’s a story essentially in the vein of your typical zombie yarn. However, instead of hordes of the undead, Moody opts for people that just go bat shit and start killing other people at random. I just ordered the sequel, Dog Blood, and it should be arriving at my residence any day now.
Anywho, off to watch Futurama. Ok, so Futurama isn’t very scary, but I do watch other stuff. I just prefer the spooky shit. Until next time, make sure you lock your door, because you never know who might be just outside it, with knife freshly sharpened and antipsychotic prescription medication recently cancelled. Wait, did you hear that?

What was that?

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