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Favorite X Files Episodes About Serial Killers, Season 5 through 9

Here it is, part two of my favorite serial killer episodes from the X Files. Enjoy.
Interesting side note, I stole the idea to call myself “Spooky,” from Agent Mulder’s nickname in The X-Files. We of the monotone, with obsession with the supernatural, need to stick together, after all. Although he isn’t real…or at least that’s what David Duchovny tells us.

Season 5-Episode 8-Kitsunegari
Modell aka Pusher is back and raring to make people kick the bucket. Or is he? A dynamic character back in action. Be careful not to listen. “He had to go.”

Season 5-Episode 16-Mind’s Eye
A blind woman, found at the scene of a murder with blood on her hands. In typical X Files fashion, nothing is as it first seems.

Season 6-Episode 18-Milagro
A writer kills with his mind. By the way, not all writers with a penchant for writing about killers, are in fact murderers themselves. I’ve never been in a fight, and I write about people dying horribly, all the time.

Season 7-Episode 7-Orison
The death fetishist is back. Hooray!

Season 7-Episode 10-Sein Und Zeit
Child murderers are especially creepy.

Season 7-Episode 14-Theef
A vodoo man kills with horrific diseases. Sign me up!

Season 7-Episode 18-Brand X
A man who can actually kill with his second-hand smoke. A certain actor from this episode went on to have some fame, playing a certain killer inside the Saw films, who likes puzzles.

Season 8-Episode 7-Via Negativa
The third eye killer.

Season 8-Episode 8-Surekill
An assassin who can see through things.

Season 8-Episode 10-Badlaa
Little Indian guy crawls in stomachs, and kills.

Season 9-Episode 3-Daemonicus
Killers with demon masks, and an insane asylum inmate, oh my.

Season 9-Episode 8-Hellbound
Even though it is kind of a Hellraiser rip off, I still enjoy it.

Season 9-Episode 13-Improbable
Man who kills by the numbers. Also, Burt Reynolds. This is kind of a silly one, but still fun.

And that’s it for my list of favorite serial killer episodes of the X Files. I’m sure, in time, I’ll compile other X-Files lists, so if you’re a fan, stay tuned.

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