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Too Spoopy


Do What Makes You Happy

Like many writers, I get preoccupied with monetizing my hours of work. It only makes sense; you bust your ass, you expect to get a reward for it. Yet, I’m here to tell you that the writing might end up being the only reward you get.

Sure, you might get some fans, might get some people who enjoy reading your stuff. But, the bottom line is, don’t expect to become a millionare, or even a thousandare, from this. It’s a difficult thing to hear, and to accept, but your writing might not lead you anywhere. You might not see fame or fortune in your lifetime from the thing you spend hours doing.

This of course raising the next obvious question. If all of this hard work might not lead to anything, then why do it at all? Now, we get to the heart of this. Of all this.

H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe are two of the most, if not the most, influential writers on the horror genre; the genre which I love, and am proud to be a fan, and contributor to. Neither of them saw much money, or fame in their lifetimes. Yet, their vision continues on, and their work has influenced more writers than I can name.

There are still days when I forget my own advice, by the way. Days I get angry I have to stay at a retail job I hate to make money. But, you need money. And there isn’t a great chance you’ll make a living wage being a writer. So fuck it. Write because you love it, because it makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something. But, there’s no shame in trying this out, and realizing it isn’t for you. If you love it, do it, and if not, go do something else that makes you happy. Because at the end of the day, life is about trying to find your own personal place, in which you are content.

I’m getting there. It’s a slow process.

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