Too Spoopy

Too Spoopy


Dear R.L. Stine, Halloween is Not Just For Children

In a recent opinion piece on the N.Y. Times website, R.L. Stine states that he thinks adults celebrating Halloween, will, in essence, detract from the fun of the children. R.L., for someone who writes scary stories for children, how dare you even hint that Halloween should just be for children. If adults shouldn’t celebrate Halloween, then how far of a jump is it to say that adults shouldn’t write scary stories for children? Might not your adult brain infect those innocent little angel mind’s? P.S. Apparently you still write things, this is news to me. Maybe I’ve just been spending too much of my time trying to have fun and embrace the inner child you seem so desperate for adults not to have.

R.L. Stine loves children…when they buy his books.

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