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  • The ADD Horror Fan: Release of My First Novel

    Like the shambling undead this series will now be unearthed, to coincide with the release of my first novel. So, understand, writing a novel for someone with ADD is basically akin to climbing a fucking mountain without shoes. I’ve tested out my attention span: for reading, I lose steam 5 to 6 minutes in, and for shows or films, probably every 20 minutes I get bored, give or take. So the no doubt hundreds of hours I spent working on this novel is no small feat, especially when you consider every 15 minutes or so I’d lose steam. And since these do better with pictures, below is a sexy zombie!

    Okay, you idiots still here? Cool. So what the fuck was I- YES, I PUT OUT MY FIRST BOOK, well, am in the process of putting it out. Kindle link below suckahs.

    TH3 D3M0N for Kindle

    So right (it’s called ADD horror fan for a reason) finished a book about demonic possession spread via computer virus. My mom gave my the idea several years back when she told me about this one for the iphone that was going around, and whether it was or wasn’t called this, she said it was known as “The Demon.” Rest is history.

    TH3 D3M0N is book 1 of 3 in The Fires Rise series (working title that will probably stick.) I’m going to refrain from comparing myself to other writers for a change, but it’s the novel is almost certainly inspired by Clive Barker and Stephen King, as well as Jack Ketchum, Laird Barron, Matthew M. Bartlett, and Thomas Ligotti. Yes, I just did a terrible job refraining from mentioning other writers, fucking sue me.

    I’m going to have a separate posts on influences for the book later, but since the point of this article series is to be stream of consciousness, let me tell you what I’m feeling and thinking. Well I’m eating peanut butter cups, and I could lie and say I’m scared, but I’m not. Putting a book out gets progressively less scary. I’m more scared it won’t go anywhere, but hey, I have another job, so whatever. I’m hoping people like the book, sincerely. I think it has merit to it, and I think the scale of it more than anything is where people will be dragged in, and will hopefully bring them back for book 2 in The Fires Rise series (whenever the fuck I get around to doing that).

    We live in a fun age, with a lot of technological and psychosocial advancements, with things like social media and Youtube. But you have to wonder if this new landscape is screwing with people (spoiler alert, it is, I just am too lazy to google research studies). But hey, it allows me to send this post to you without the need of the post office, so hooray.

    Might write a list of gothic horror films later. Not sure. Keepin’ it loosy goosy.
    And I’m out.

  • The Add Horror Fan: Necronomicon 2015


    I’ll try my best to keep this intelligent, and not divert into the blog post equivalent of shaking my hands and going “oh my god, oh my god!”

    Now, let me preface this by stating I only got into a lot of weird fiction a few years ago. I grew up reading King, Barker, Crichton, and people of this nature. And yes, I read Lovecraft and loved him, but always found him to be very verbose in my early years. I still find him very verbose, but I can appreciate what he was going for now.

    Anyway, cut back to a nervous Spooky Sean, at the convention center in Providence, meeting people and listening to panels. If there is one thing I’m struck with having been to Necronomicon 2015, sitting here remembering, it’s the sense of community, warmth and welcomeness which I felt.

    In a day and age when sniping and yellow social media journalism are the norm, it’s wonderful to be in public with authors and artists, and see that everyone, even the racist old pieces of shit who happened to wander out of the home for the weekend, are very friendly, and inviting. I read an article by Silvia-Moreno Garcia who said that what Lovecraft really imparted and promoted was a generous nature. How Lovecraft was very into helping fellow writers, and being supportive. And boy, it seems that sense of community and giving nature has never left the scene. I was damn near assaulted with people saying hi, and introducing me to friends, and friends of friends.

    And also, Scotch.

    There was a whoooooole lot of Scotch.

    Speaking honestly, I’ve been to a few horror and writing conventions, and perhaps it’s that I seem to have found a nice fit for me in the weird community, but I’ve never experienced anything like the sheer unadulterated friendliness I found at Necronomicon this year.

    Since this is an ADD horror fan article, I won’t even edit the hops from topic to topic, but let’s talk about the obvious problem of Lovecraft’s racism, and how Necronomicon is taking steps to show the weird community is moving past the old ways. I met a lot of wonderful women who write weird and horror fiction, and listened to a panel about how Lovecraft is going global: what it’s like to adapt his work into, say, Swedish, or Spanish, and the various places across the globe his work seems to have a large audience within.

    Perhaps it’s the fact I grew up with a learning disability, but I tend to side with those whose voices are normally not heard from. And I will go to bat for these unheard voices, these new and exciting opinions from those who have previously been washed beneath a tide of status quo.

    Let’s be real about this. Lovecraft’s work brings racist assholes out of the woodwork. There’s no way to avoid that, as Lovecraft was also a racist pretentious asshole. But… H.P., he is long dead; more than 100 years dead and rotted away, and it seems that his old racist apologizers are being slowly but surely overrun by a new generation of people of color, women, and gay people, who are influenced not by his hate, but by his love of the cosmic, the terrible, and the weird.

    And that’s what I want to emphasize. In truly Lovecraftian fashion, I feel I am not properly equipped to express what I feel, and how this experience over the weekend has effected me. But allow me to try.

    Going to Necronomicon 2015 was a total blast. Despite one dumb line, most of the conversations I heard were about the exciting new things coming out of weird fiction from all sorts of different voices previously unheard. Most of the vibe I felt was that we are on the edge of a wondrous new future, where not only new voices, but new mashes of genre will make books, comics, and films even more wonderful, terrible, dark, terrifying, and exciting than ever before!

    I leave you with a favorite quote of mine from Lovecraft.

    “I never ask a man what his business is, for it never interests me. What I ask him about are his thoughts and dreams.”

    That is the power of Lovecraft; to inspire dreams, and to bring together dreamers of all sorts to unite in a common cause of a love of the fantastic, the wondrous, and the numinous.

    Thank you to everyone I met at Necronomicon 2015 for sowing the seeds for many new dreams to come.

  • The ADD Horror Fan: Rambling on a Saturday Night

    Watching a Canadian antho horror show called Darknet. It’s pretty fun. Watching one about a woman who gets a boob job, and then goes to New York.


    So, where am I at? Well, last week was busy. Last Tuesday I recorded a new episode of Spooky Podcastery
    Ew, this ladies implant just moved.
    Anyway, recorded two of my stories with Charles Meyer of Miskatonic Musings. Charles is a real gem to help me perform these stories. It means a lot to me to have friends who are down to help me with creative endeavors with really no gain in return. It’s the mark of a true friend when they’ll help you without much in the way of kickback.

    I guess the kickback would be I help him with our podcast, Miskatonic Musings. And speaking of, we recorded a new episode last Thursday, (for posterity it was April 25th of 2015 we recorded it) covering Roal Dahl’s The Landlady, and George R.R. Martin’s The Pear-Shaped Man.

    You know, the inadvertently beneficial aspect of recording readings of stories for Podcastery is in a very real way, they help me to get a new perspective on them. I’ve recorded 4 or 5 right now. When I listened to The Crunch of Dead Leaves, I realized that the story becomes too much of a list of names and dates, without much in the way of emotional resonance attached. It’s the same thing I realized after going through my first novel, however many years ago. You can butcher 60 people in a book one by one, but if you never have a real emotional connection to them, than it’s not as effective as the death of one character that you care about. This was why in my first book the first kill (the narrator’s girlfriend) and the last kill (a woman whose house the narrator broke into, who he tortures for days on end a la Martyrs)were the heaviest. Because these characters were somewhat fleshed out, and were less cardboard cut out people who the narrator saw as objects.

    Noticed some things about the two stories Charles and I performed, The Chaos of a Real Estate Agent in an Alternate Dimension Populated Exclusively by Opium Overdoses, and The Rocket Takes Off. For one thing, both stories needed to set the scene a little better. I barely describe any of the surroundings in either story. They definitely needed a read through, and a few passes. As I grow as a writer, I discover just how unprepared my stories are. For a while, I assumed if you wrote a story, and it sucked on the first draft, that was that. So, I barely reread, and barely edited. Now I know the more time I spend going over a story, the better it usually is. And in a very real, and strange way, releasing them on my podcast so lacking is nothing if not beneficial for the stories. It’s great motivation to go back to them later, and fix them up.

    I’ve always struggled with setting the scene in a story. A lot of the time, I’m so preoccupied with just getting the words out of my head, that I rush through details I should add. And, of course, this is a series of articles about, ehem, The ADD Horror Fan. So, this is all part of it. The impatience. The reticence to go back over my work. Missing things. I really do need a good editor. I just can’t afford one right now. Or probably ever.

    The Good Stuff

    In the interest of my self esteem and sanity, it’s probably good I start emphasizing what I think I did well recently. So, let me see…


    -I’m about halfway through Livia Llewelyn’s short story collection Engines of Desire. Really like it so far, and I’m proud of myself anytime I get any reading done. Believe it or not, reading is usually fairly hard for me. Hard to sustain my attention for long enough to finish a book. Hence, my love of audiobooks. You see, sound always distracts me. So, if what I’m focusing on is the sound of someone’s voice, reading a story, I can’t help but listen.

    -I’m also halfway through the re-listen of the audiobook of Nic Pizzalatto’s novel Galveston. I’ve made an effort to stray from horror when I can, and this novel is assuredly crime fiction/ a character study. Going out of horror makes me realize a good story is a good story, and genre is useless if the story isn’t good within the confines and classifications. So, reading out of genre, I’m proud of myself for that.

    -Been podcasting as steady as always with Charles Meyer on Miskatonic Musings. Covering a lot of great horror films, and stories.

    -Attempting to write, and sell stories again, after a brief hiatus. Had some rejections, but I’m putting myself out there. So no matter what, I feel good about putting in the work again, to try and make this writing thing I love so much work for me. In the last few months I wrote a story entitled Unlock the Door about alternate dimensional travel, and a horror western entitled Rot Gut. Submitted both to various presses. I wrote a poem entitled Imagination is a Muscle I sent in. I wrote one issue of a comic script Pants Shitter, and edited up another comic script. So, just working hard, and putting myself out there. And I’m damn proud to be doing it.

  • The Add Horror Fan: Don’t Worry, Just Do the Damn Thang

    So many things to do, how do I know which one to do? I don’t. I just try to stagger all my creative projects out. All is creation. I figure it’s the same part of the brain, so whatever I work on is good. Listening to The Winding Sheet by Mark Lanegan right now.

    I worry a lot about seeming stupid, scatter-brained, and, dare I say, rambling, and incoherent. I guess the only shit that makes it uniquely horror-based is that’s the genre I tend to gravitate towards.

    I lose motivation real easy. You might notice I don’t update this blog a lot. You gotta understand, i have a lot to do, and the traffic on this is quite low. Right now, I’m just trying to build up an audience in the most effective fashion.

    But shit, let’s talk horror cruuud. Just watched You’re Next for the first time. Loved the score, though it was overbearing, and loved the look of it, though I thought the story was a bit nonexistent. Watched some movie called Contracted. Terrible acting, but the practical effects were rad.

    Just read a story by Julio Cortezar, known as Headache aka Cefalea. Cortezar released it in the fifties in his short story collection Bestiario. It was a cool story, real paranoid. However, perhaps it was the translation, and all the latin, but it was quite confusing. Nifty story though, here’s the link where you can read it. Has a very awesome picture by Dave Mckean at the top above the story. It is pictured below.


    I’m trying to get There Are Other Worlds Than These back up. Line up change, and I don’t feel like throwing anyone under the bus, so I won’t discuss it much. I feel bad enough about the change, so let’s just leave it at this; sometimes in this life you have to make decisions. You have to do things you feel are for the best in the interest of getting your projects off the ground. The King cast was fucking stagnating, and I am far from without blame for that. I’d lost steam on it. Hopefully the new cohosts will help me get There Are Other Worlds Than These off the ground. I plan to have a lot of fun, and if I don’t, I’ll just hand it off to one of them. Not like I don’t have way to much other shit going on right now.

    For instance, Spooky Sean’s Podcastery… I gotta get a guest and record a new episode of that fucker! Perhaps AJ and TJ from There Are Other Worlds Than These? I just realized they both have abbreviations, and the letter “J” in their names…

  • The Add Horror Fan: Update it? What do you mean I have to update it?

    Tried to throw on a Cannibal Corpse song on my girlfriend’s iTunes. Using her computer lately, because the monitor on me laptop is going the way of… I don’t know, something hard to see. Look I can’t always have a good analogy lined up!

    Oh right, but the missus’ (missees?) fucking library is missing all sorts of shit, but still lists it. It’s annoying, but probably not as annoying as when I go to post a vid from Youtube to Facebook and realize she’s still logged in. Hope you like skateboarding videos, lovely!

    Been shit updating this lately. It’s been a rollercoaster of lack of attention-span-ness.

    So remember that book I constantly talked about? The firstie? Yup, it’s back in the black plastic box I hide it in. Metaphorically. And literally.
    I keep an early draft in a black plastic box in my closet. It doesn’t fit under the new bed…

    Halfway through editing I realized it’s going to take way more work than I’m willing to throw at the manuscript at this stage in my life. Research into the various states. Research into various forms of painful and brutal deaths. My character kills a lot of people. And I have no idea exactly how the mechanics of the human body would work, if say, somebody was stabbed in the taint. Or, if, say, one was to give a stripper a tracheostomy with a sharpened stripper heel. Not to mention I’m not sturdy enough emotionally to handle all the rape jokes I’d get for releasing an entire book from the perspective of a guy that fucks a veritable multitude of corpses.

    Keeping busy. Still writing a fuck-ton of horror comic reviews for Adventures in poor taste! I’m now more of a guest poster on All Things Horror Online. I also occasionally contribute to a site called Forced Viewing.

    Started podcasting. Don’t everybody orgasm at once now. I got one for the blarg with the most obnoxiously long and stupid name I could come up with.
    Also, I’m a contributor to another horror themed podcast, known as Miskatonic Musings.

    Heard back on two stories, and am happy to report The Smell of Rot and Death, and Break Out at Hamper Prison will be available in the coming months. Actually, Break Out will be available to read in the August issue of my favorite web magazine, Surreal Grotesque.

  • The ADD Horror Fan: That’s Life

    For some reason the Sinatra song that’s life just popped into my head.

    There’s a lot zooming around in the noggin’, and no linear thought patterns to keep them from assaulting my mouth region.

    I’m moving to a condo soon. It’s an exciting if not exhausting process. Painting the place now, and will be moved in with the lady love by March 1st.

    Been reading John Dies at the End. I started the book after I saw the film a month ago, and loved it. JDATE is great. Talk about like minds. David Wong seems to have the ADD too. I’ll probably go straight from JDATE to This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously Dude Don’t Touch it.

    I read an interview with Wong, and I credit it with getting me back into working on my first book. He talked about not sitting on a book, but getting feedback on the work. Specifically he said to release it on the internet, but an editor I’ve found said not to until its found a home. Been sending it out to friends for feedback though. Let’s face it, for the past few years I’ve also sent it to total strangers. I just think it’s funny.

    I definitely have a deranged sense of humor.

    Even in its early stages I feel like it’s still entertaining, and you get a good sense of the book.

    So I found an editor, and am accumulating the funds right now to have it edited. This of course is so I can release it. I’ve been putting it off for so long. So, expect a release sometime in 2026.

    I’ve developed an unhealthy addiction to the show Supernatural now that it’s on Netflix instant. I used to make fun of the show before I’d watched it. I’d hear them talk about watching it on Dinner For Fiends, and would think, “who would watch that lame ass show?” So color me a hypocrite, I was wrong. It’s amazingly entertaining. Think of a dumbed down X-Files starring ex-soap opera actors who look like male models.

    I plan to start toying with more audio recording stuff in an attempt to record my very first Ruination with my own monotone, mumbly voice! Get pumped! Haven’t decided what to ruin yet.

    I used Skype for the first time the other day. If anyone wants to Skype with me hit me up via personal messaging on Facebook.

    Had a story called In Sickness and in Health published in a web magazine called Surreal Grotesque. They’d already published my story Casual Sex much to my amazement. Casual Sex is easily my most fucked up short story.
    I’ve heard I might have Casual Sex put into a best of collection by the editor of Surr G. Oh Daniel William Gonzales, you’re too good to me. (April 10th, 2013: It was put in the best of Surreal Grotesque! Aliens, Sex & Sociopaths

    Plan to do an article about three scary stories with boxes for Women in Horror Month! Kidding, not that kind of box…the regular kind.

    Speaking of, look for my third In Honor of Women in Horror Month Screwed up Screenshots to be up soon. (March 4th, 2013: So I goofed, and forgot to post one. Look for one next year!) And wait for the drama to follow. I have two female sets of friends both pro and anti Women in Horror Month, so it should be entertaining once it goes live!

    I’m off to listen to the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Just watched the uncensored video for Jubilee Street. Ray Winstone stars in it. Check it out. Later sickos.

  • The ADD Horror Fan: I’ve Been Away For So Long, It’s a Nice Day to Start Again

    I could blame my lack of posts in the last few months on many things. More hours at work, mild depression, a general lack of motivation. A general feeling that no matter what I write about, its already been written about a thousand times all over the internet. But excuses are hollow, and everyone who writes has some form of a life, so ultimately there is no excuse. Lack of drive is something I’ve struggled with, and I won’t lie and say I’m cured here, because that would be bullshit. I’ll make an effort to start updating more, but I make no promises.
    You see, Ol’ Spooky goes through cycles. I’ll have the part of my cycle in which I do very little writing for websites, and focus primarily on writing fiction. And then I’ll have a part of the cycle where I get tired of all the rejection emails, and go back to writing primarily for websites, doing only a little fiction. And then there’s the cycle where I think its all bloody hopeless, and who the fuck wants to read my fiction, or my non-fiction, and I just write nothing. That’s been the latest part of the cycle. Yet, there is a fourth part of said writing cycle. This is the part where I decide, fuck it, I’m going to write my ass off, because I feel like I’m wasting my life if I don’t. Its very self-aggrandizing. The attitude is essentially, I must write, the world needs my words! Whatever, it gets me typing again. And its always fun updating the Bloggery. For a while, I thought, no, I need to make this more like a website, and less like a blog. I forgot the whole reason I started this fucker in the first place. As an outlet for me, myself, and I. Where I could post stories (that no one reads, but hey, they’re there if you want ’em) ramble on about nonsense, and just write my black little heart out. I pay for the domain, I might as well get some use out of the bastard!
    Its pretty fun to see people still check this blarg out when I don’t post for months.

    By the by, its not that I don’t have many, many things to write about. I could write about how my story Casual Sex has held my record number of rejections thus far (3), though I just did, and I don’t think it warrants a whole post.
    EDIT-June 24th-Good news, Casual Sex will in fact be published! Deets when available. Back to my regularly scheduled ramble.
    Surreal Grotesque
    I could review, and discuss my gripes with Prometheus, despite how awesome it looked in IMAX 3D. I still need to write a damn review of The Divide, and I saw that many moons ago.
    I just wanted to let all you pretty followers know that I’m still alive, for one thing, though if you follow my Facebook page, you’d know that. You’d see the thousands of Game of Thrones gifs, and all the funny cat gifs, or memes, or whatever the fuck you call them. I’m not always hip with the lingo.
    I’ve written a story on bath salts which will more than likely never be read for years. I wrote a story about a man addicted to fast food, but the anthology was already filled by the time I sent it in. I wrote a civil war themed horror story I’ve yet to hear back on, several months ago. I also wrote a story about a gentleman’s club, set at the beginning of the twentieth century. That one was rejected, in a real fun way. I never got any rejection email, I just found out the anthology came out, and noticed I wasn’t in it. Rejection is just a part of the game, but it would have been nice to at least get something letting me know I wasn’t in. The civil war themed, and gentleman’s club themed stories were each for the same press, which shall remain nameless. Matter of fact, I’ve still got a couple of stories that were supposed to come out from said publisher. We shall see if they actually see the light of day.
    Needless to say, I don’t have time in my life to wait to hear back on a story I wrote many months ago. So thanks for the credits for my resume, but for now, moving right along.
    Hey, got some good news. I’m a contributor (albeit a terrible one, as the lack of output has been across the board) to two websites now. Not Examiner, because they are a waste of time, and want everything to be localized, which I found incredibly obnoxious. If I wanted to write about things locally, I wouldn’t be a veritable hermit, now would I?! Everybody, check out my ramblings on All Things Horror Online, and a site called Adventures in Poor Taste. So far I only have a few articles up, but again, working to rectify this.
    I know articles do better if they have a picture, so I’ve posted a picture of Virginia Madsen from Candyman covered in blood. I’m fully aware you will probably just look at the picture, and skim the article. Go ahead, I still got your page view. Suckahs.
    Signing off for now.
    Spooky Sean

  • The ADD Horror Fan, Life on the…Look, a String!

    Dude, ain’t done one o dese in a while. What the hell, I’ll do another one, maybe do some more. Speaking of some more, watched PA 3…well, read review for thoughts. Anyone else getting really tired of sequels and prequels? And remakes, fugedaboutit! I still haven’t seen The Thing remake. Heard it’s decent, but I’ll wait for the dvd.
    My parents had no power last week, so we watched a Tales From the Crypt dvd I brought over; I think it was season 4. Before that, I read a story I wrote for this Halloween called The Crunch of Dead Leaves. Yet another story that takes place near Whispering Pines. I’ve practically jumped the shark on them, and I haven’t even written the themed short story collection I’m planning yet! Oy Gavalt!
    Meshugana sounds kind of like Meshuggah, that band I don’t listen to. But I do like this radio Disney version of they song I’d never heard before.

    I got really bummed out the other day, cuz I figured out the site stat thing counted when I was looking at my site. So, I thought I had more readers than I actually do. But, to the ten of you that read this site, thank you. I’ll be sure to awkwardly not say hi to you, and just stare at you, when I see you in public.
    I’m drinking tea. T is the first letter of Texas. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the original, was one of the best independent films ever made. Tobe Hooper, why you no make good films any more?
    I’m reading Peaceable Kingdom by Jack Ketchum. What prompted it, was the analysis of the story Gone by Nicole…somethingerother…just follow the fucking link.
    Gone, bastiches
    Bastiches is a great word. Got it from Lobo comics, not to be confused with Los Lobos, the shitty band.
    Speaking of bands, Gwar’s lead guitarist died, which is a bummer. I wonder if it was drugs?
    Same thing I wonder about Gary Busey. You think that’s just how he is, or do you think there were a lot of drugs at some point?

    I want that man’s life. He makes a living on being a weirdo. How come I don’t get paid to be a professional weirdo? C’est la vie. I always have to google how to spell that. French girls are hot. So is my tea, I’m drinking it. I’m loving it, but it’s not from Mcdonalds. The Mcdonalds near my apartment has road work near it, and I was going to hit it up, but ya know, the road work. So, I went to Wendy’s. I go to get fast food after job interviews, especially shitty ones, which was the one yesterday. I’m going to be stuck at my crappy job forever, probably. Hey, at least I have a blog no one reads to vent on.
    I always love that scene in Die Hard, when McClane is in the vent. Or air duct. Whatever the fuck you call it.
    Yippie kiyay motherfuckers. I always remember it as yippie ki-yi-yay, but that’s just wrong.
    Who wants to see some chicks butt?

  • The ADD Horror Fan; Fun With Australian Slang and Microbes

    I don’t know if you’ve ever researched into Australian slang, but I have been, and it’s fucking ace! Ya fucking charlies and bogans, going to the boozer or the bottle shop cuz ya bored shitless.
    Have fun figuring that one out!
    (I apologize to everyone from Australia, I’m terrible at this.)
    Oh yeah, fucking horror shit, I forgot. Well, saw El Monstro Del Mar, and ok there’s a fun throat slitting scene at the beginning. Now, I don’t do this on purpose, but when I see good kills on screen or read one in a book, well, I tend to laugh in a certain way. I wouldn’t say its an evil laugh per say, because I’m kind of iffy on the concept of evil at all, but it’s certainly kind of odd. So, throat gets slit, and I’m all, “Ha ha, ha ha ha!” Its like a triumphant laugh, if I could describe it as anything. Holy shit, did I really just waste this many sentences on explaining my kill laugh? Ha ha, fucking kill laugh, that’s tits. That’s American slang, though I’m still not a hundred percent on the meaning, ya ken it?
    Hey they found a microbe that lives on arsenic! That’s pretty bitchin’ right?!
    Fucking creepy man.
    Well, in any case, I’m eating a tuna sandwich from Shaws, so that’s the scariest thing I can think of to end this with. Tune in next week when I…actually talk about horror stuff.

  • The ADD Horror Fan; Did I Even Need a Semicolon There?

    In case you didn’t read the post directly below this, I have a traumafession up on Kindertrauma about The Christmas Toy, so that’s awesome. Speaking of Christmas, I have to work Black Friday, and I work in retail, so fuck me sideways. Just stick that shit in crooked, and fuck my fat life to death. If you get the reference, congrats, you’ve listened to music in the 90’s.
    The 90’s had some good horror flicks. Stir of Echoes, Candyman, Scream (just the first one) Ravenous. It seems like the current output of horror movies just can’t enthrall me. Mainly because, all of the characters are annoying. I’m looking at you Altitude, how dare you shit on the good name of EC Comics, and Lovecraft alike, with your shitty movie. Speaking of shitty movies, I watched a Fulci flick, A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin, and it was quite bad. You know it’s bad, it’s bad, you know it. really, really bad. If you know that song, congratulations, you have fucking ears. There was a Family Guy where the teens got into ear-fucking, wasn’t there?
    I need to pay someone to strap me to a chair and finish my damn book. Lately, I’ve just been procrasturbating and internet surfing like crazy. Anything to avoid doing the thing I initially started the blog to talk about! Sheesh, what a fucking hypocrite I am!
    Tune in next week, when I cover myself in oil, and sensually gyrate to Justin Beiber outside your house.