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Ben Templesmith Rules, Read His Comics

Ben Templesmith is without question my favorite artist. Everything he does just looks so literally and figuratively sharp, and is, more often then not, dark as a black hole. His backgrounds are always interesting. To top that off, the man can write.
Here’s a page featuring one of my favorite Templesmith creations. Written and drawn by the master aussie artist, Wormwood Volume 1: Birds, Bees, Blood and Beer is the first, and my favorite of the TPB of adventures, where it (it’s a worm god thingy, so I’ll say it, though it could be either gender actually…)saves the world from all manner of inter-dimensional beasties. Wormwood does all this while drinking the finest of beer, and adorning the very best in meat suits. With help from undead strippers, some bad ass chick with swords, guns, and short red hair, and his/its robot made of beer cans, Wormwood kicks serious slimey, tentacled ass!
Also, he usually has a nice suit on. From what I’ve seen, so does Templesmith hisself.
Also, Welcome To Hoxford is the best werewolf comic out there. The first 30 Days of Night, I mean the man just loves to draw monsters, and I love the visual feast he gives to my hungry eyes.

Wormwood Volume 1 (v. 1)

7 Responses to Ben Templesmith Rules, Read His Comics

  1. You’re forgetting to brag about something Templesmith-related that you might have floating around the house. 😉

  2. Oh yeah, I got a sketch he did Emily got me. I love you Emily.

  3. Big fan of Ben’s art, have been since 30 Days. My fave of his writing was Welcome to Hoxford though. Really wish Warren Ellis would send him more Fell scripts to draw!

  4. 30 Days is the only thing of his that I’ve read. I’ll have to check out Fell. I’m a big Warren Ellis fan.

  5. It’s hard to recommend Fell and at the same time it’s impossible not to. Fell is absolutely wonderful, it’s a shining example of as close to perfection as comics get, but it’s been absolutely abandoned. No new issue in what’s go to be a couple years now. So sad, I was totally in love with it.

  6. Me too, my friend. Fell is amazing, and I’d love to see more of it. Still, I have Wormwood, and Choker is fun, I’m excited to see how it ends.
    I nee to catch up on The Boys, one of my other favorite comic series.

  7. Yeah I guess Ben will eventually get around to finishing Choker, according to his Twitter feed he’s working on new wormwood now, so I dunno what’s going on with it.

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