Too Spoopy

Too Spoopy


American Horror Story: Unholy Night, and a really bad Santa

This episode had Bad Santa times a thousand.

In one of the best cameos yet, Ian McShane plays one of the most realistic psycho Santas I’ve seen yet. (I really don’t get to write that often enough.) He shoots people, he bites faces with his teeth, and he really puts a damper on Sister Jude’s Christmas spirit.
Someone new gets offed, an unlikely partnership begins to blossom, and somehow Kit remains in Briarcliff, despite having just escaped a prison by assault.
I’m sure the writers explained it away somehow, but I didn’t really catch it. A certain psychiatrist also finds himself in quite the snafu.
A solid Christmas themed episode. We even get a brief bit of aliens again. No present day scenes in this episode. Hopefully next episode, we’ll hear more about modern day Bloody Face.
This show has super ADD. It’s even hard for me to follow sometimes. However, it’s still entertaining. I’m excited to see how they tie up all the different elements by the end of this season.

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