Too Spoopy

Too Spoopy


American Horror Story: Dark Cousin, and the beauty of black wings

When I saw Frances Conroy was back in this episode, I got excited. You know, the older version of the slutty maid from the first season.
Not to mention the role she plays is quite awe-inspiring.
Black wings are involved. Reminds me of a certain Tom Waits song.

A certain someone dies, Sister Jude discovers something which challenges all of the guilt she’s built up over the years, and Kit breaks out of the clink, and fucks some shit up.
Oh, and Lana has a bummer of a time.
No present day intro in this episode. I hope they do more with that story line, as we all want to know more about modern day Bloody Face.
A solid episode, if not as kinetic as the last one.
Still wondering when they’re going to explain those God Damn aliens.
Or show them. I want aliens, durnit!

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