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All Things Horror Screening, Burning Inside

Yet again, A big thanks to All Things Horror and everyone associated with the site. So let’s get to it, my take on Burning Inside written and directed by Nathan Wrann. Well, the pace on this one is slow, but the film still manages to keep your attention, even though it has a lot of long shots. German expressionism, and a Lynchian sensibility all seem at surface to be the film’s style, but it manages to go beyond these things and become its own entity. The score is interesting. It’s ambient, which I must admit I’m a sucker for. I really hate it when the musical score of a film is too berating, when it essentially tells you how to feel. I much prefer an ambient, creepy soundtrack, much like the one in Burning Inside.
The story of a man with no memory, and an increasingly fragmented mind, Burning Inside is clearly a labor of love, and anyone who enjoys watching people slowly lose their minds should definitely check it out.
I feel like any words I could write about this film will not be able to do the flick justice, so just try and watch it. Go onto the internets, and track this fucker down. But, whatever you do, don’t ask the director why he thought the film was a good idea. Because if you do that, you’re just a douche, and probably don’t understand cinema, unless there are explosions, and bad one liners.
Not that I don’t love bad one liners.
Yippee ki-yay motherfucker.

2 Responses to All Things Horror Screening, Burning Inside

  1. I wanted to go give that poor director a hug after that question. 🙁

    I still can’t believe they shot that digitally, that filter they used was amazing and it seriously looked like film to me.

    (Thanks, All Things Horror for screening and thanks, Nathan Wrann, for making the movie!)

  2. Nice write up. Oddly, I thought you and Emily weren’t into it, so I’m glad you both enjoyed it.

    I think Nathan loved that question, haha.

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