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All Things Horror Screening, El Monstro Del Mar and Various Shorts

First and foremost, as always, a big thanks to Mike, Chris, and Michele over at All Things Horror for arranging a screening for El Monstro Del Mar, and the shorts, Enter the Dark, Get Off My Porch!, and The Living Want me Dead. If you live in the Boston area, you shoud most assuredly check out their screenings at the Sommerville theatre. Its cheap, and frankly you wouldn’t end up seeing these films for about at least a year if they didn’t show them. So big ups to All Things Horror. Read their site, its good damnit!
But anywho, time to get down to the nitty gritty. Enter The Dark was good, kind of like an episode of Ghost Hunters meets Paranormal Activity. Get Off My Porch! is a fun little riff on door to door Girl Scout cookie sales. Far and away however, my favorite short of the evening was The Living Want me Dead. Its very kinetic, and extremely hyper and funny. Think Shaun of The Dead, meets a stoner comedy. Well, more of a stoner comedy.
Which brings me to El Monstro Del Mar. The first thing that struck me, right off the bat, is that the girls in the film seemed like the Australian counterparts to the ladies from Tarentino’s Death Proof, with their love of dancing to old tunes, and general bad-assedness. Basically, El Monstro Del Mar is a tale of throwback pin up looking girls with tattoos, who are career criminals, who happen across a horrible, Lovecraftian beastie from the sea. Think one of those bad girl movies, except crossed with a b monster flick. I have to say, I’ve seen a couple of Australian horror films lately, The Loved Ones, and Lake Mungo, and I enjoyed the hell out of each of those. I also enjoyed the hell out of El Monstro Del Mar, save for the middle which drags a little. Still, it’s a fun ride, full of T n A, gore, and a monster that likes to hump houses (seriously, the tentacled monstrosity looks like it’s humping the house at the end.)
So, congratulations to All Things Horror, and thanks to all the talented film makers whose work I had the pleasure of viewing. All for five fucking dollars.
Ya fucking charlie! (authors note, I’ve never been to Australia, so keep in mind my entire set of beliefs about the country come from horror movies, and the internet.)

4 Responses to All Things Horror Screening, El Monstro Del Mar and Various Shorts

  1. Thanks for the nice write up, Sean.

    Also, thanks for making the screening!

  2. Spooky Sean says:

    Oh, I’ll be making a lot more of them in the future, I’m sure. Especially if you manage to get Hobo With a Shotgun.

  3. Toyn Demauro says:

    I’m sorry for my ignorance.
    But did this already happen, it is happening, or it will be happening.
    I am always up for catching new horror.
    Tony D

  4. Sorry Tony, but the screening already happened. However, if you follow the link on the right side of the page for All Things Horror’s website, you can go and see the current schedule for screenings on the right side of their home page.

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