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There is a dead body in the trunk…with drugs! Dead Hooker in a Trunk Review

I’ve now watched Dead Hooker in a Trunk twice, once at the All Things Horror Screening several months back, and yesterday in my apartment. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, that a lot of the time, I can see a film in the theater, and end up disappointed on the second viewing. Suddenly what I thought was jaw-dropping due to its composition, turns out to have just been jaw-dropping due to its sheer volume, and the size of the images. Not so with Dead Hooker in a Trunk, the debut film from the gore-geous Soska sisters. Let me get this out of the way right now. I talk with these women a lot on FB, but trust me when I tell you I’m going to be honest in this review. They will get no preferential review treatment, as no one else will. So, be forewarned, just because I’m friendly with you on social networking sites, does not mean I will blindly praise everything that you do. That’s not fair to me, and most importantly it’s not fair to the film makers. After all, how can you hope to grow artistically, if everyone just kisses your ass, and tells you everything you do is “excellent.”
Watching Dead Hooker in a Trunk is a fun experience. It’s equal parts black comedy, and independent horror film. DHIAT has some of the most quotable lines I’ve heard in a film in quite a while. Here are some that tickled my fancy…
“There is a Dead Body in the trunk…with drugs!”
“Just sow it up or something…like a quilt.”
“I had to miss my youth group meeting for this shit?!”
And those are just the ones I happened to write down, so I wouldn’t mis-quote. I still might have misquoted, I’m damn near deaf from all the fucking heavy metal.
The Soska sisters each do a fine job of acting, in the movie that they wrote and directed, which is no easy feat. Jen Soska plays Geek, aptly named, and Sylvia Soska plays Bad Ass, also aptly named. CJ Wallis plays Goody Two-Shoes, a Jesus obsessed youth group member that slowly turns into a foul mouthed, quick tempered man by the end of the film, but you would too if you had to deal with disposing of a body while you vomited through out most of the process. Rikki Gagne turns in an awesome performance as Junkie as well, and in case you hadn’t guessed it already, yes, the character names pretty much describe the character traits.
Most of the film is shot in a hand held style, which adds an almost documentary style realism to the insane happenings that occur over its 92 minute run time. The use of lighting is dynamic, and compliments the grim events that occur. There was only one sequence that really bothered me near the beginning of the film, where Bad Ass slams on the brakes and spins the car around, and then we cut back to the car full of people, and they are completely still. So that one didn’t exactly match up, but considering this is a first film, far worse could have occurred.
I don’t know how else to describe the pace of this movie, other than that it switches from a coke high, to a weed high, back and forth. Fast, then slow and methodical, then back to fast. Woo doggy!
I hate to have to bring this up, but then if I don’t, I’m not following the unwritten oath of the critic, to never give bullshit opinions. I was not a fan of a lot of the songs used in the film. That’s not to say they don’t fit with the actions on screen, all of the songs do. Most of the non-score based songs just happen to be a screamo type style that I personally can’t stand. But, again, my musical taste is far from mainstream, considering most of what I listen to now is just ear shattering screams and double bass. So, I’m sure that many of you will have no problem with these songs. In any case, I have all sorts of films I love, that contain all sorts of songs that I hate. Sometimes, people just have different taste in music. You can either accept it, or not watch any movies at all.
If you want a hilarious, hyper, b movie throw back that shows off beautiful Vancouver, and has plenty of dead hookers, look no further than Dead Hooker In A Trunk. And keep your eyes open for any other projects these two Twisted Twins work on in the future. You’re sure to be seeing a fuck load of them.

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  1. Great review! Now how the hell do I get my hands on this fucking movie?!

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